Numina MedLegal Improves Outcomes Providing Telehealth Visit Capabilities to Patients


San Francisco ( - With anxiety heightened across the nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more critical than ever that patients receive the care that they need. Numina is stepping up with telehealth support in response to the COVID-19 crisis.  

Numina has over 20 years of experience helping physicians with charting and clinical documentation, revenue cycle management, reimbursement and medical records review. Now Numina helps practices integrate telehealth into their workflows.  

Benefits of Numina Telehealth

Numina drives improved health outcomes by letting patients see their own physician via HIPAA-compliant telehealth live video calls.  

For the Patient, it is easy to initiate care from anywhere from their tablet, laptop, smartphone, or computer. There are no waiting room blues. 

For the Employer, the telehealth visit is ready to use almost immediately without having the injured leave work and incur time loss. Get initial triage, injury assessment and follow-up care through telemedicine. 

For Ambulance Services, the telehealth visit is bolstered by having the specialist enter the ambulance via video, remotely offering recommendations for the patient, and enabling early alerts enroute to the destination care center. 

For Practice Clinics, patient consults are provided via HIPAA-compliant video visits resulting in early diagnosis prior to an escalated medical condition. Numina includes easy completion of clinical documentation, specialist database integration, classification and coding of CPT codes and ICD codes for each telehealth encounter, reimbursement and more.  

For the Provider, this process brings in growth, efficiency, increased patient outcomes and improved revenue. Numina handles workflow, support, scheduling, documentation, reimbursement, and remote patient monitoring. 

Numina can deploy implementation rapidly, to help practices get set up without delay. For more information: email or call 866.879.5028.

About Rapid Care Group

Founded in 1999, Rapid Care now has 800+ employees and over twenty years of expertise providing healthcare information management services for clients from individual practitioners to enterprise-level organizations. Rapid Care's Information Security and Management System (ISMS) is fully accredited to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards. We are a leading subcontractor for medlegal records review and deposition summaries. Our portfolio of services also includes revenue cycle management, transcription and remote scribing, A.I.-powered analytics, and remote video auditing. Offices are located in San Francisco, Arizona, and Florida; and Chennai and Tirupati, India.





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