MEMIC Lauds Intrepid Powerboats With 2021 Award For Injury Management


Portland, ME ( – The MEMIC Group, workers’ compensation insurance specialists, has named Intrepid Powerboats, of Largo, Fla., one of four winners of The MEMIC Award for Excellence in Injury Management for 2021.

Nominated by MEMIC claims staff, Intrepid Powerboats was considered the best among more than 20,000 policyholders insured by MEMIC when it comes to caring for injured workers.

The MEMIC Award for Excellence in Injury Management recognizes organizations that manage their injury claims efficiently to control costs, increase labor productivity, and help get the best medical outcomes for workers injured on the job.

“Intrepid Powerboats has instilled a culture of care that is an example for all our policyholders, and for their entire industry,” said MEMIC Group President and CEO Michael P. Bourque. “We’re proud to partner with the people at Intrepid to make it a consistently safer and more productive place to work, and we will continue to deeply collaborate with them on our team approach to safety.”

MEMIC Claims Specialist Ana Johnson said the company cares about the well-being of their employees. They often reach out to their MEMIC claims professional for assistance contacting the treating provider to ensure an injured employee’s changes in physical injuries or pain are addressed right away.

“They do anything possible to accommodate employees with light duty restrictions from Day One, immediately upon release by the doctor,” Johnson said. “Also, they will reach out the same day of medical appointments to notify MEMIC of any changes in work capacity.”

MEMIC annually reviews the work of policyholders to recognize their distinction in injury management and is dedicated to helping policyholders avoid unnecessary costs by keeping their workers safe and efficiently handling their claims for injuries when they occur.

Among other benefits, MEMIC policyholders have free and unlimited access to 24/7 Injury Triage and Telehealth specialists within minutes of an incident, which helps reduce overall medical costs and expedites claim processing. Many MEMIC policyholders also are assigned a dedicated loss control consultant at no additional cost.

“Through our claims teams and loss control consultants working together, we’ve had the great opportunity to collaborate with our policyholders directly at their places of work,” MEMIC Senior Vice President of Claims Matt Harmon said. “This team approach is embraced by the people at Intrepid, who made such a strong commitment to fairly treating injured workers it’s worthy of special recognition.”

The MEMIC Awards were established in 1994 to celebrate best practices in workers’ compensation.

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