FL Final Adopted Rule Of WC Insurers' Standards And Practices To Be In Effect 1/24/10


Tallahassee, FL (CompNewsNetwork) - The purpose and intent of this rule chapter is to promote the self execution of the workers' compensation system through monitoring and enforcement of a regulated entity's fulfillment of its statutory obligations to provide timely payment of workers' compensation benefits to injured workers, to timely pay medical bills to providers, and to timely report workers' compensation medical data to the Department. The timely and accurate reporting of medical data is critical in that it enables the Department to provide current information about medical costs to policymakers and stakeholders so they can make qualitative and objective decisions relating to reimbursements to health care providers. Timely and accurate reporting of first reports of injury or illness is critical in that it allows the Department to monitor claims to ensure that regulated entities are fulfilling their statutory and rule obligations regarding the claims. The purpose of this rule chapter is also to establish performance standards and uniform guidelines for administrative fines and penalties assessed upon regulated entities for violations of Chapter 440 and other applicable Florida Statutes and Department Rules.

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