'Employment Screening Behavior Integrity Test Would Have Labeled Gov. Blagojevich 'NOT QUALIFIED',' Says Merchants Information Solutions CEO

PHOENIX, Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- With Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich at the top, Merchants Information Solutions (Merchants) has announced its first-ever Top 5 List of Public Figures Without Integrity, based on Merchants' nationally recognized pre-employment screening Behavior Integrity Test. Merchants CEO Russ Johnson is confident the Illinois Governor and the other four on the list would flunk the highly effective behavior integrity test and be labeled 'NOT QUALIFIED'.

"I am absolutely convinced the current Illinois Governor would have flunked our Behavior Integrity Test. He has earned the dishonor of topping our first Top 5 Public Figures Without Integrity list based on the allegations of recordings of Blagojevich attempting to sell a state Senate seat," Johnson says. "To develop our Top 5 List we referenced our Behavior Integrity Test given to over one million prospective employees annually. The Merchants Behavior Integrity Test is based on the principle of cognitive dissonance. It finds people who justify high risk or illegal behaviors," Johnson says.

Here is the Merchants Information Solutions Top 5 List of Public Figures Without Integrity

    1. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (arrested)
    2. Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens (arrested, convicted)
    3. Former NASDAQ chairman Bernard Madoff (arrested)
    4. Former CEO of Fannie May Daniel Mudd (reportedly fired)
    5. Former CEO of Freddie Mac Richard Syron (reportedly fired)

"Considering there's yet another government official or financial executive who is in trouble for improper and illegal behaviors every week, I think requiring integrity testing as a qualification for key jobs and government positions has merit," Johnson says.

Of more than one million prospective employees annually taking Merchants' Behavior Integrity Test, about 20% flunk the test. Employers decide on hiring. It's offered in multiple languages, taken online, with results sent instantly to the hiring decision maker with a "qualified" or "not qualified" recommendation. Hiring decisions by employers are then influenced by the Merchants Behavior Integrity Test outcome.

"It's astounding how people justify wrong behaviors and answer the Merchants Behavior Integrity Test questions revealing their cognitive dissonance and bad tendencies. You would be amazed at how effective this tool is," Johnson explained.

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Information First TM is the theme of Merchants Information Solutions, Inc. (Merchants), established in 1912, is a nationally recognized provider of Identity Theft Protection and Recovery solutions and Background Checks and Screening solutions for pre-employment and resident screening. For nearly a century, Merchants has been providing consumers and businesses alike the credit reports and other information they need to stay in touch with an ever-changing world. Our unique nationwide and international employment screening solutions have helped provide small businesses and large corporations background checks that reduce employee turnover, employee theft, and workers' compensation claims. A thorough background check, combined with our behavioral testing allows your company to reduce controllable expenses while providing a safer working environment to employees.

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