CA Unlicensed Contractor / Workers Compensation Enforcement Action


Santa Cruz, CA ( - The Santa Cruz County District Attorney's Office, in partnership with Investigators from the California Contractors State Licensing Board (CSLB) and Detectives from the California Department of Insurance (CDI), Fraud Division, conducted an undercover “Sting” operation in Santa Cruz.  

On May 6th and 7th, Investigators from the CSLB posed as homeowners looking for exterior and interior construction / repair / landscaping work on a residence.  Subjects were previously identified by investigators for advertising as a licensed contractor or failing to properly identify themselves as unlicensed contractors.  Those subjects were contacted and scheduled to conduct an estimate.  If the estimate exceed the lawful amount mandated by law, they were detained and given a citation.  Also, any subject who reported having any employees and did not have proper Workers Compensation Insurance, was also cited.  

Over the course of the two day investigation, a total of 18 subjects were contacted. 9 were cited for Contractor License Violations AND Workers Compensation violations.  An additional 5 were cited for various Contractors State License Board Violations, including Contracting without a license, Fraudulent Use of a Contractor's License and/or Improper Advertising.  All of the citations were for Misdemeanor violations and released at the scene.  One subject was also cited for possession of Methamphetamine.  Additionally, 2 subjects were given Administrative Warnings and 2 subjects committed no violations.  

This enforcement action was conducted as part of an ongoing effort by the District Attorney's Office and the State of California to maintain a safe and lawful construction industry in Santa Cruz County.  By ensuring that contractors are properly licensed and bonded, it helps to protect the residents of Santa Cruz County from substandard construction and fraud.  It is also an effort to minimize the underground economy that often undermines legitimate, licensed contractors that struggle to compete in an unfair playing field. 

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