Amerisure Deploys Virtual Claim Kit For Agencies and Policyholders


Sarasota, FL ( – Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company, one of the nation's leading property and casualty insurance companies, has successfully deployed the Virtual Claim Kit for their agencies and policyholders. The Virtual Claim Kit is a service of, and offers all necessary forms, posters and brochures for employers via a convenient online privately labeled system. The successful implementation means that Amerisure customers have access to critical documents when they need them, and that the waste associated with unnecessary printing and shipping of physical forms has been eliminated.

Robert Wilson, President & CEO of, noted that his company is pleased to partner with Amerisure on this project. Wilson says, “Amerisure acknowledges both the service value that the Virtual Claim Kit offers, as well as the ecological benefits recognized with its use. The Virtual Claim Kit provides documents on demand; therefore the excessive waste of mass printing and shipping of traditional snail mail kits is eliminated.” The Virtual Claim Kit is powered by the massive forms library maintained within WorkCompResearch, the company's leading Compliance and Legislative library. Forms and brochures are updated in real time, ensuring that Virtual Claim Kit customers will always receive relevant documents and information with their policies.

“As one of the first insurance carriers in the country to utilize this service, Amerisure now has a single source for our online Claim Kits,” said Don A. Smith, Vice President of Claims. “Because all of the states are continually monitored for updates, all kits and forms are the most current that are available from Amerisure and the state regulatory bodies.”

The Virtual Claim Kit currently offers forms and documents for all 50 states in the United States. Additionally, Amerisure can manage and maintain custom documents and claims office information, as well as useful web links for each jurisdiction. According to Wilson, “The Virtual Claim Kit offers a true win-win arrangement. Ultimately, Amerisure and their customers benefit from immediate availability of accurate documents, and the environment benefits from reduced resource consumption for printing and shipping. Everybody wins.”

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Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company, a stock insurer, is a property and casualty insurance company with experience insuring American businesses since 1912. Amerisure and its affiliates target mid-sized commercial enterprises in construction, manufacturing and healthcare through strategically located Core Service Centers across the United States. For more information, visit

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