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48-121.02. State average weekly wage; how determined.

For purposes of section 48-121.01, the state average weekly wage shall be determined by the administrator of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court as follows: On or before October 1 of each year, the total insured wages reported to the Department of Labor for the preceding calendar year, excluding federal employees, shall be divided by the average monthly number of employees insured under the Employment Security Law. Such average monthly number of employees shall be determined by dividing the total number of employees insured under the Employment Security Law reported for such calendar year by twelve. The state average annual wage thus obtained shall be divided by fifty-two, and the state average weekly wage thus determined shall be rounded to the nearest whole cent. The state average weekly wage as so determined shall be applicable for the calendar year commencing January 1 following the October 1 determination.


  • Laws 1993, LB 757, 6;
  • Laws 2005, LB 13, 4.

Cross References

  • Employment Security Law, see section 48-601.

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