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48-174. Summons; service; return.

Upon the filing of such petition a summons shall issue and be served upon the adverse party, as in civil causes, together with a copy of the petition. Return of service shall be made within seven days after the date of issue. An acknowledgment on the summons or the voluntary appearance of a defendant is equivalent to service.


  • Laws 1935, c. 57, 13, p. 192;
  • C.S.Supp.,1941, 48-174;
  • R.S.1943, 48-174;
  • Laws 1978, LB 649, 6;
  • Laws 2000, LB 1221, 13.


    Where on appeal there was timely service in fact of petition on adverse party and no prejudice resulted from the use of regular mail instead of certified or registered mail, motion to dismiss was properly overruled. Bourn v. James, 191 Neb. 635, 216 N.W.2d 739 (1974).

    Service of summons may be made either as in civil cases or by registered mail. Clark v. Village of Hemingford, 147 Neb. 1044, 26 N.W.2d 15 (1947).

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