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48-171. Order; award; judgment; use of terms.

Except as otherwise provided in sections 48-192 to 48-1,109, the words order, award, and judgment, as used in the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act, are used interchangeably and are deemed to have the same meaning.


  • Laws 1935, c. 57, 12, p. 192;
  • C.S.Supp.,1941, 48-173;
  • R.S.1943, 48-171;
  • Laws 1986, LB 811, 104.


    There is a distinction between findings of the workmen's compensation court and its order, award, or judgment. Light v. Nebraska Workmen's Compensation Court, 166 Neb. 540, 89 N.W.2d 833 (1958).

    Right of either party to refuse award, order, or judgment of compensation commissioner and demand retrial before compensation court is paramount to and exclusive of right of appeal to district court from such decision. City of Lincoln v. Nebraska Workmen's Compensation Court, 133 Neb. 225, 274 N.W. 576 (1937).

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