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This chapter sets forth the procedure of the parties in preparation for and attendance at mediation and protects the confidentiality of information discussed at mediation.

§ 1.

Assignment of Cases - Except as provided in 39-A M.R.S.A. § 205(9)(D), upon receipt of a Notice of Controversy which was unable to be resolved by the Office of Troubleshooters, or other indication of controversy, the Board shall refer the matter to a mediator who shall mediate the dispute in an expeditious manner. The initial referral and assignment of such disputes shall be based on the residence of the employee as indicated on the Notice of Controversy. The Board will keep a list of towns indicating which areas shall be assigned to the respective regional offices.

In cases where the convenience of the parties or the interest of justice require, a party may make a written request to the Board for the matter to be reassigned or transferred to a different mediator and regional office. Such reassignments and transfers shall be made by the Executive Director. If the written request is not by stipulation of all the parties involved in the proceeding, the Executive Director shall give any party opposing the reassignment or transfer of the case 10 days in which to respond to the moving party's request.

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