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Employer Information

Fraud And Other Abuse

Although fraud and other abuse will always occur within any type of workers' compensation system, it is important that the employer be aware of fraud and other abuses and how to handle any problems when they arise. Since an employer may have to pay higher premiums because of fraudulent activities, the importance of understanding fraud and other abuse cannot be over-emphasized.

Persons who have knowledge of workers' compensation fraud should report it immediately to the nearest district office.

It should also be understood that fraud can also occur with the employers, medical providers, attorneys, carriers, judges or anyone involved with the workers' compensation system. Fraud offices are located throughout the state and should be contacted immediately if one suspects fraud.

*This section is provided as a reference tool only. Benefit rates as well as State agency contacts, phone numbers and addresses may change periodically and are not guaranteed. Please send notification of any changes to support@workerscompensation.com