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I Have An Advertisement, What's Next?

Contact your WorkersCompensation.com's sales associate for more information in advertising with WorkersCompensation.com. If there's existing advertisements in the following format: .gif, .gif (animated), .jpg, .png or .swf (.swf must have target URL embedded within the file for tracking); please submit advertisements to info@workerscompensation.com.
Email submission must include:
  • Advertiser Name
  • Alternative Text (if applicable)
  • A working URL

I Don't Have An Advertisement, What Should I Do?

If there's no existing media available, please submit all content to be used in the advertisements to the WorkersCompensation.com's Content Support Specialist, graphics@workerscompensation.com, and copy info@workerscompensation.com. If you are currently working with a WorkersCompensation.com's sales associate, please contact them via phone or email for information.
Email submission must include:
  • Advertiser Name
  • Ad Unit Name
Ad Unit Name Pixel Size File Type Animation Alt. Text Available Max. File Size
600 x 70 Image Rotating or Static Yes, Up to 60 characters 60K
180 x 400 Image Rotating or Static Yes, Up to 30 characters 60K
Site Stripe
250 x 70 Image Rotating or Static No 60K
180 x 180 Image Rotating or Static No 60K

  • Creative Files (this includes logos and graphics to be in ads)
  • Phrases and Statements to be displayed in the ads
  • Alternative Text (if applicable)
  • Linking URL
  • Decision on if advertisements should rotate or remain static
WorkersCompensation.com will send you the created advertisement for approval. After an advertisement is approved, WorkersCompensation.com will then deposit the advertisement in the agreed upon placement on the WorkersCompensation.com website. After this is completed, you can log in to AdMonitor on the advertising section of the WorkersCompensation.com's website to measure:
  • Views per ads, specific or total, in the sections of the website to measure response.
  • Clicks per ads displays allows views of CPA in daily, weekly, monthly or total time period.
  • CTR or Click Through Rate: The ratio of the number of times a user clicks on an online advertisements per number of viewers who view the Web site that has the advertisement on it.
  • Ad History: the measurements of advertisements in the past.