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WorkersCompensation.com: An Overview

WorkersCompensation.com is the leading source of publicly accessible information for workers' compensation, and has been serving the entire workers' comp industry since 2000. WorkersCompensation.com has amassed an unparalleled database of laws, rules of procedure, forms and court cases from all 50 states including Washington, DC.

Targeting the Workers' Compensation Market

The Workers' Compensation market is extremely fragmented and is difficult to reach. For most companies, workers' comp is only a part of what they do. For example:

  • Insurance companies write many types of insurance — workers' comp is one of many lines.
  • A third party administrator (TPA) may process many types of claims including property & casualty, auto accidents, etc. — workers' comp is one of many types of claims they process.
  • Attorneys, doctors, private investigators, insurance agents and many other types of professions — workers' comp represents a part of their business.
For those companies who are targeting the workers' comp market, either to expand their current market penetration, launch a new product, or just build long term brand awareness, there are only a handful of opportunities to promote themselves and build brand awareness. There is one main trade show each year in November — the National Workers' Comp and Disability Expo, and there are only a few trade publications (none of which are targeted exclusively to workers' comp). After those two main avenues (both very expensive), the clear choice for promoting awareness within the workers' comp industry is WorkersCompensation.com. The internet allows cost–effective advertising programs, and WorkersCompensation.com is the ONLY website with national reach, including research and compliance information for all 50 states, Washington DC and Federal.

Who Visits Our Website?

In a sense, our website is like a 'crossroad' where a variety of people with a variety of interests come to get the information and find the services they need. The following represents the approximate distribution of our visitors.
  • 45% Insurance and Claims Professionals
  • 20% Employers, including self–insureds
  • 10% Attorneys / Legal Professionals
  • 20% Injured Workers
  • 5% Medical Professionals and Miscellaneous

Web Statistics

WorkersCompensation.com properties are by far the most trafficked websites in the workers' comp industry.
  • Between 15,000 – 20,000 visits per day
  • More than 3 Million unique visitors per year
  • More than 1,000,000 page views per month

How Do People Get to WorkersCompensation.com?

People get to our site in a variety of ways.
  • Top Rankings on Google, MSN, Yahoo and AOL for the search terms "Workers Compensation" and "Workers Comp"
  • Conference promotions — WorkersCompensation.com is a national sponsor of the National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference & Expo, The National Workers' Compensation Defense Network, and The American Bar Association's Workers' Compensation College.
  • Site Referrals — Our website is recommended dozens of times a day.
  • We send our CompNewsNetwork Daily Email to more than 11,000 industry professionals each day. These people read our newsletter and then click through on a variety of options to get back to our site each day.
  • Our statistics show that more than 25,000 people bookmark WorkersCompensation.com each month. Once the site is bookmarked as a "Favorite" people come back regularly.
  • Alexa.com, a website ranking service owned by Amazon, has consistently listed WorkersCompensation.com for years as one of the top 100,000 visited websites in the world.

The Benefits of Advertising on WorkersCompensation.com

Advertising on WorkersCompensation.com works out to be a very cost–effective way to reach the Workers' Comp market and grow the Workers' Comp component of your business.
  • Targeted
  • Measurable
  • Cost–effective
  • Recognition as an industry leader