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Jaynes in hospital
Friends our jaynes called me today and shes in the hospital there in Poteau ok she has pancritise her gall bladder needs to come out add her to your prayer list please ,Poor BILL jaynes there in poteau ok and Beccas in fort smith ar so he is being pulled both ways
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Sweet tooth thank you for sharing with us.

Bunches of prayers are being said Jayne, Rebecca, and family.
thanks sweet tooth for sharing all this with us. I got your message this morning.. and called jayne right away. for everyone she does have pancreatis... they say this because her amylase (something that breaks down your food in your digestive track) is high. This could the result of a blockage from her gall bladder due to stones and so forth. It is common to experience the two disease concerns together. I just talked to her again and they are still attempting to rule out stones and gall bladder disease... please keep her and her entire family in prayers...

they did find the bleeding ulcers in Becca...so now they can at least help this issue to heal and teach Becca how to control it. Bill is most likely very much under the weather also as both are in different hospitals and in different towns. The whole family needs our prayers. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Prayers being said for Jayne and family. Jayne has been a great to me with her PM's and encourgaging words to me. I feel like I have known you for years and we have never met.

Get well soon. Nancy
Oh come on, she has had enough trouble with family illness, and now her.. I will be praying for her and her family, And Jayne you get well and I pray that the removal is swift and quick.......
She needs this like another hole in her head. will be sending some prayers their way.
6/97--Discectomy L5-S1. 3/09--Discectomy L5-S1 (failed). 6/09--spinal fusion L5-S1. This year who knows?
Prayers are on Their Way, Hang in There Jayne!!!Wink
here's hoping all gets better soon with Jayne and Becca, hang in there Bill.Love You Guys, Halftrak
no matter where you're at there you are
jayne, hope you get to feeling better soon!
Prayers that all ends well......if the gallbladder has to come out , I had mine done through my naval and was up and about in a day or too.....let's pray they can do it like that if it's necessary....otherwise she'sll be down for awhile.....I never knew there was a link with pancreatitis and the gallbladder....thanks Red.....I had no gallbladder symptoms until after they took it out....Rolleyesgo figure.

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