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Shoulder question and TTD before having surgery???
Thanks Kit,

As far as my work situation goes, I am still in the same position I was in when injured. I am not in a light duty position at all. I am still (at least trying) doing everything I did before, only difference is I'm trying to do it one handed (non dominant). I am still getting worklists telling me to stock shelves, emails telling me to "spring clean" which entails moving major appliances to sweep etc... I can't move these things with one arm. I'm getting at least 4 calls a day asking me to pull a customers appliance (refrig, Dishwasher etc...and load it for them). I tell them I can't but of course I get attitude and am treated as though I'm just lazy and don't want to do my job. I work in dept with all appliances, small and large. I may be able to lift a vacuum or coffee pot with the good arm but it gets tired easily.

I'm sure there will be a reprimand of some sort due to not getting the worklist done Rolleyes Oh well, I will just keep pushing and count the days til surgery.

Wow, didn't mean to run off on a tangent, guess it's just getting to me.
Hope everyone has a good weekend! Big Grin

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