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Med Question
Now with me, I have been taking 3 to 4 vicodin perday along with celebrex 2 times a day... I get extreme head aches and cant take Ibuprofhen for stomach reasons. And for some reason the vicodin does not help with my head aches even though the tylenol is in it... So I take 2 to 4 extra strength tylenol along with taking vicodin. So thats 3000 to 4000 mg of tylenol per day..
And I know thats way to much, but since 3 weeks ago I was given permission from wc to see a chiropractor (d.c.) for issues with neck and shoulder.. And I have never had exrays of the neck when I was in my accident, and it shows c-4 is way out of wack and is perfectly straight, no curve.. With 6 sessions/adjustments my headaches have decreased in pain levels and have finaly have had 2 days with none at all.. So thats one reason I wanted to be put back on oxy, but I think 10mg just is not enough of a dose.
Nope. Effect is immediate. Remember that all opiates will induce a tolerance effect over time, there is no difference to the body between heroin and Oxy or Vicodin. Narcotic dependent patients tend to require higher dose over timeto achieve the same analgesic effect. This is not a good thing as you begin to run inot the side efect ceiling as the does goes up.

The strategy is then to rotate among opiates that bind with different types of pain receptors. For instance, morphine and closely related semi-synthetics and synthetics preferentially bind to the one type called the mu receptor while oxycodone and similar chemically related bind more strongly to the gamma pain receptor and there are other types as well.

Pain docs will adopt a rotation strategy rather than a dose increase strategy in order to address the pain effectively while limiting exposure to the side effects of higher dose. In a perfect world anyway.

bronco54501 Wrote:But is this somthing I need to build up un my system before I feel results......????

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