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I have a new toy
bodybuilder1958 Wrote:I will definitely post photos. When we were at the grand canyon I took some spectacular sun set photos. The year before we were there the north rim had a large fire, not directly into the canyon park but the roads going up.

My only disappointment of the whole trip was four corners. My dad told us we had to go there, it was a bunch of shanties set up as shops. Dozens of them, selling trinkets, food, had to pay $20. a car to go in. The monument was just a raised platform with an American flag in the center of the map displaying the four corners.

They charge now for seeing the Four Corners Monument? Seriously?? I was raised near there, in Durango. I moved to Florida 25 years ago, but I don't recall ever paying to see the monument. It was the same gray slab you describe, and "shanties" is a good word to describe the vendors out there.

Rumor has it the monument might be off a couple feet. i'd get my money back if I were you! Smile
we were charged for parking...Admin I dont know about BB
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

We would love to Alaska, probably on a cruise though, or wait until my hubby retires. We plan on rving full-time.
The money they charge is suppose to go toward an actual monument center. My dad says that when he went thru 4 corners they had dances every night May thru August. We asked about dances and apparently now they're only held twice a year. That is so sad, it would bring out more people. My dad said that there were easily 300+ people there watching every night, buying stuff, eating, etc.

I was just so disappointed.

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