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For today.....don't
Just don't,
think about it. Your body might be broken, but don't let it break your spirit.
Your body might not work as originally designed but don't let it break your heart. What makes you whole is not your body, it's your spirit, your heart.

I know it's hard, I've been there, failed surgeries, botched surgeries, delays, checks that never arrive, checks that are stopped.

My husband and I pray together a lot. There are some nights that I stay up until he gets home at 1:00am just so we ca pray. A year ago January we faced loosing our home, we had to let go of something. We prayed until nearly 3:00am that morning. The next morning I had one word go through my head, that word was 'don't'. My husband woke up at 12:30, with amazingly the same word going through his head. My husband and I prayed together before he left for work. Things would work out, we had faith.

Two days later I was asked to work inventory in our local store. That paid me $120. a week for 3 weeks, that caught us up on most of our bills.
The day after that job ended I cried nearly all day, so depressed, knowing that the bills would back up again. Two days later a letter in the mail, TTD would be paid back to Sept. 2007, 4 days after that a check for $17,000. arrived in the mail.

I promised myself after our finances were fixed that I would never, ever, if possible allow myself to get into such despair again. I made a promise to got that I would 'wait upon the Lord'. It's been hard at times. I told Bummer Knees that I didn't expect a decision from the judge we both go in front of until the end of March. I wouldn't worry about it and I haven't, my husband however has started asking. So perhaps I need to smack him around a bit, but that's a different story. My point is don't, jut don't, God does have a plan. But I know, it's not always easy, we do cry, we do get upset. But have faith, the body might be broken, but don't let work comp, the system, this world break your spirit, your heart.

Just don't,
TY BB that was nice another DONT we have is Debt we dont do it just for fun it has to be something needed and we pay it off as fast as we can.....I hated the bill collectors calling all the time...thanks for the daily thoughts I really enjoy them
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thanks for sharing that with us
Thank you for these postings, they are helping me to understand that I am not the only one going through the hexx of WC and life in general.

My don't for today, Don't think negetive thoughts, don't dwell on what my daughter is going through today, God will take care of her and I need to be strong in case it is bad news.

Again thank you for these postings.

Thanks Again Builder for another Great Thought Starter! My Injury Caused Me to go into Bankruptcy to Save My Home. I Used a Chapter 13, as I wanted to Pay Back as Much as I Possibly could to those I Owed. My Wife and I Buckled Down, and Completed a 5 Year Plan in 4 1/2 Years, and Saved Our Home!! I was then able to Take Advantage of the Home Loan Modification that My Bank Offered and My Interest Rate went from 8.75% to 4.875 Fixed!! I didn't Add any More Years to the Back End of the Loan, and My Payment went from just a Tad over $1100.00 to $675.00 per Mo., and that Includes Taxes and Insurance!!! The Good Lord Shined Their Light on Ellen and I, and now I can Fight w/c Longer, and be able to Eat While Doing It!!! So You are Absolutely Correct, Don't is a Word We have to Avoid if We Plan on Winning Our Own Individual Battles!! Thanks Again!!Smile
Thanks for sharing your personal story BB. I admire how open and honest you are and your approach to life.
Let Go, and Let God......
BB...thank you for your post everyday. Thank you also for sharing your story......Bill and I can go back to 2003 when he was injured...each and everytime we were ready to give up....lose our home...not be able to buy food....something came alone.....our belief is that it was our Dear Lord come to take care of us......we don't worry now......I worry about people but not paying the bills anymore...I now know we will never be homeless or hungry and with what little we have I try to make a donation to a few charities who fee thos who are hungry and homeless.....I hate it..Sad

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