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Spring Break!
This is the week for Spring Break, and I thought I would post a thread about Spring Break.

This thread is for those that would like to share what they are doing for Spring Break!

I will start:

THe last 2 nights all of my kiddos have been gone, I've been feeling better and have been catching up on my sleep.

Also been spending time working on paper work for taxes.

Not been doing much else because I still am having some pain from the sinus infection.

Tomorrow is a wc hearing in the morning and later in the day I am going to take my kiddos to swim at the YMCA.

No big plans for the week, maybe a day at the movies and work around the house.
This week I am single again. The wife is out of state for a rew days and I am MAN of the house once again.

Unfortunatley, I will be doing alot of studying. Calculus I and chemistry II are kicking my butt. So I am giving up spring break this year for schooling.

I hope everyone enjoys the week.
8-05, Micro laminectomy/disectomy. 10-05 lumbar fusion L5-S1. 2-07 exploritory surgery. 12-07 medical implant, Spinal Cord Stimulator. now receiving SSDI. After going back to school, I received my degree as a mechanical engineer. What can I say, it was the only way I had to beat the system. 
Ours doesn't start until the last week of MArch/first of April.....will hopefull be spneding several days with my grandchildren....their scholl hours and after school homework and activities...keep then soooooooooo busy I don't see them that often during the week....I seem to stir them up when I stop over after dinner.....Isn't that my job?Big Grin
All I have been doing is remodeling before it's time to go get the Boats and bring them home, then get them ready once again to start a New Year of Fishing. Remodeling job is, front and rear bedroom's. Rear bedroom has a Bathroom. My projects are ripping everything out. Yep everything. All wood gets replaced with Oak. New toilet, new Sink with Cabinet, new Tile in the bathroom which is done. Wood trim done in rear bedroom. front bedroom had to be used for a short period that room has stopped for a few more weeks. Rear bedroom, was a Mirrored room. Yep Mirrors everywhere but not the ceiling. Mirror doors on two sides came out, all other mirrors removed. Closet opened up and redone. By doing this, I made the room larger by a 1' and 1/2 on two sides which means 3 extra feet now. Have to sand down windows which are OAK, and redo the finish next, was waiting for warmer weather, and we have that this week. Then when that is done, it's to the outside stuff...
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I seeded 72 of those peat pot thing-a-ma-bobs, my husband is going to put up our new gazebo for the new patio we had poured last fall. Still waiting on the remodel fairy to finish my kitchen. BBBB when your done with her send her my way. My Mom and my Sister and her kids are comming here next week for their springbreak. Can't wait. Having a Fish Fry on the 26th with family and frends with actual adult beverages Smile Other than that Spring Break remains the same for us. Stay at home and enjoy life.
6/97--Discectomy L5-S1. 3/09--Discectomy L5-S1 (failed). 6/09--spinal fusion L5-S1. This year who knows?
Ours dont start till mext week as well.. We only have one kid, but seem to gain many on school breaks.. We love kids so we accept them with open arms, as their parents are taking vacations... We will put them to work doing yard work......lol.. We will probably have the Family over for easter, little kids get a easter egg hunt and then we cook out... We have a smaller house so hope the weather is good enough for the cook out....

We have had no snow in our yard for almost a week, allready have the front raked.. Our property used to be old farm fiels very rich soil and by next week will be cutting grass if it stays warm... Spring/Summer bring it on I'm ready..........
went camping most of it with our 4 at home and 3 of the grands it was cold the first part but cozy around the fire the first 3 nights some of our church family was with us and on sunday they all came out for hot dogs and hamburgers.....last night Shaelynn(skeeters prodigy) came in our little bedroom and let a huge one rip gagged even her!!!!!!!!! all the windows were opened and red beans and rice have been scratched from approved camping food....all had a good time...now we clean the motor home and get her ready for the next time.....we had no camp hosts this year and the campground was noisy and the beer flowed where is Monster when ya need her....thinking of doing it ourselves for the summer......in between all else we have going......glad to see at least Bronco missed me
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne you have been missed, been checking daily for your post.

I didn't get much done for 3 week with being sick, still have the item to mail to you.
I dont post to every one, but I do read almost every post when I get a chance.. I'm not the smartest kid on the block, but I for sure know when someones missing.. Many of us have a pattern and was not like Jayne to pop in and say somthing... I am very glad everything was ok and you were just spending some enjoyment time with family........

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