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Thursday appt. with PMD, Something weird is going on!
Bad Boy Bad Boy Wrote:Sunshine, I don't condemned what you wanted to know.

Here, this could help. Sense; Human Senses, such as being able to sense smell, sense anger, sense fright, and so on.

You went to PMD with Husband. You and husband had made a decision, you both go to the PMD, and were kind of in demand, PMD senses something, and then comes back with what they did. At such point, your senses didn't tell you to shut it down, but then see husband took over were you had left off. Doctor then senses husbands anger. It was a two way street that day. The sad part now, this PMD may not wish to see you again. Or if they do, it will be a demand husband not come. Or, they just wont see you anymore at all. Then again, your thinking you don't want to been seen anymore by this PMD, and will now have to get attorney working another PMD for you.

I suggest, you get copies of your Medical Records, and all Films, Test plus those Reports first before you go to the next Doctor appointment. Then you keep them copies and bring them with you to each and every medical visit. You have then left no stone unturned, doctor's then can review, and make copies, giving you back your copies for you next visit somewhere.

Next, you need to learn what each doctor is there for. What the purpose of such doctor is medically for, and what they should do or not do. You need to learn what your Primary treating doctor should tell you, compared to what a PMD or PT should tell you. Therapy people are not Doctor's, learn this. Being said, you should only ask PT people for a letter to bring your doctor, and then give it to your doctor, then let that doctor make the medical opinion from there.

When the PMD made the request for the (Block) you done homework on this issue and then said you don't want it. This is fine, and also where you need to know refusing a treatment can result in lost Work Comp benefits. Instead, you go to such doctor, in this case the PMD, you bring up reasons to why you don't wish the Block, and then at the same time asks if there are other treatments you can try first instead of the block. See saying it like that, your not refusing you asked for an alternative. This most likely helps to keep your benefits in place. You have a serious injury that took place, and more problems have become a problem now. You need to set-up a Medical Team Leader. This means lets say you have 1, 2, 3, or more doctor's now in your circle. They all are to report to your main doctor, the (Team Leader) and that doctor then make a judgement on treatment for you. Then you go to that doctor the team leader, and talk things over. Find a sulotion your comfortable with and then you give that treatment a TRY. For any treatment is going to be trail and error till they find one that will work. You also need to remember, the Internet is a good tool for research, and also need to remember mostly shows a study with a group of people. It doesn't always mean your going to fit into the same group you read that wasn't good. It also doesn't mean your the same as a single story you read of a person. Your different then they are, as I am different from others.

BadBoy, very well put. All of these Dr.'s can be somewhat confusing but you put it in plain english, thanks!
Sunshine, it can be Very Frustrating Dealing with a Dr. with an Attitude. I have had to Fight My Case Tooth and Nail, and after 2 1/2 Years and 12 Petitions, along with 14 Hearings, I was found the Credible Party, and since there was No Surgery or any Other Procedure that Would Help Me, I was Only Seeing My Pm Dr., and Their Testimony was Found More Credible than the Ins. Co.'s Dr.'s, and Their IME's. So Myself and My PM Dr.are the Credible Parties, but I am only allowed Maintenance Appts. every 3 Mos. We go Over My Pain and any Changes There May be, and Meds. are Adjusted as Needed. Now I am taking everything from Methadone to Morphine, Neurontin, Valium, Lyrica, and the List Goes On, just to be able to Walk Daily. My Suggestion would be a Set-Down with Your Attorney to Find a Solution as to which Move should be taken Next, and I would do it Soon, so They can't Use this Visit against You as far as Your Case Goes. Your Attorney can Send a Letter Stating the Difficulties You are having, and Then Work on another Option for You! I Wish You My Very Best!!Wink
In my Experience with PMD and WC as a whole, You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
After almost 7 years in the WC system, 4 IME etc. I find the above to work much better for me.
I agree with that statement freebird, and use that same idea.. And I believe that goes hand and foot even with the ncm as long as you have a good one.. I have had the same expierence as sunshine while in PT, telling me what they think. Even though they are not the DR they implant the idea in your head somthing else could be wrong.. With mine (first one) knew I was lifting my shoulder wrong, and if it was not for him they would have never noticed the tear in the cuff..
The second one was a devil, trying to make a name for her self, just kept pushing my pain levels sky high.. all three of my DR's pulled me from that place and sat 2 months re healing..

Between Sunshine and I we have been mis guided weather who's fault or not... And once the trust in a dr is lost there is no other choice but to look elsewhere... Even my adjuster got involved and agreed the Dr and PT had wrong intentions and alowed me to seek another....

Sunshine, Still has given some great advice, your lawyer for your case should be on top of this to cover all tracks.. It will all work out in the end............Bronco
My PMD was a nice caring man... he also knew the trip from here to Tulsa put me at a 10 plus in pain he works with my PCP to control my pain here.....as I want no more drugs than I have to I am a trial to them both...my doc just shakes his head and says Most want stronger and more meds you want less....I refused his wheelchair I dont need it at home and will rent or borrow a scooter when I need one.....I am gonna get with my SSDI person and see if I can be retrained for something I can do at home on my "good" days...I am to young to stop being a productive member of society...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne, Your Raising Kids, You Worked until Your Body Broke, Your Very Active in Your Church, You have Money coming into the House, I hardly find that being Non-Productive!! You have a Farm to Run and Vegetables to Grow, and Kids to Love, You have the Best Job in the World, minus the Pain!! Plus You still have Time to Fish Once in a While!!Smile

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