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do you know where i can turn
my company has strict guidlines for returning from an injury and to be taken off an iod(injury on duty status) and put on to a sick leave. you must have a TREATING PHYSICAN" statement saying you are healed from your injury. however, my company goes by what workcomp tells them. they do not have a treating physicans statement to this degree yet have told my company my injury has healed and therefore i am no longer considered off due to the injury. when i question my company they say they can only go by what workcomp says. trust me i know they know what is going on and every time an injured employee asked why this has happened their statement is the same--we can only go by what workcomp tells us--this w/comp co was involved in a scam that just ran in the chicago papers for taking millions along with a town president from the towns injured employees. my union doesnt seem to want to get involved as they are caught up in contract negotiations and sometimes i believe they work with the company. who do i contact to make sure the workcomp carrier is abiding by my companies policies. this is the sole reason my and others checks are stopped yes this is a scam. workcomp has to know our company policy and know when they tell them we have been healed from the injury that they have no treating physicans statement. any help would be greatly appreciatedl. and for all those in il. be careful who you vote for govener--i asked a state rep for help and he said he could not help as a majority of his campaign funds come from the workcomp agenies--thanks for any help!
I've seen this before. It's not a scam, it is company policy. Unions make contracts and have to honnor company policy also.

What you have been told is simple. get the doctor to say your healed, and can return to work. If the doctor will not do so, ask why. Then go pay a doctor for a second opinion, and ask to say your healed, and can return to work. really all in all, this is all you can do, and try to do.

This isn't a scam though...
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
it sounds like you are refering to an insurance carrier when you say "work comp" and not the state work comp board or court. is that correct?
if so, an employer is responsible for the vendors they choose to do business with and if they are hooked up with some shoody operators then they have done it by choice-don't let them pretend they don't know what's happening.
check out your ADA rights
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
thanks to both, bad boy bad boy the point is i havent been released from any of my treating physicans nor am i at a state now or when the workcomp decided a year and a half ago to tell my company i was released from the injury i recieved at work. point being they wanted to remove me from injury on duty status to stop my checks . my company knows full well that removing me from this status and changing it to a sick leave of absence has to come from from a "treating physican" they are relying on the workcomp to give them the correct information--yet it is just not my case but many others in my job that this is a constant thing going on. our company repeatedly states they can only go by what the workcomp says relying on them to go by our policy yet the workcomp is not. none of us have a treating physican releasing us from our injury on duty status. i would think that if my company hired this workcomp company they would of had to tell them our policy and the workcomp could not make any statements in regards to removing us from an injury on duty status unless it was how our company put forth in our policy and they in fact had a treating physicans statement

1171 i truly believe my company has caught up with a shady company as yes the workcomp carrier has been involved in other illegal actions. it is a way for my company to save on money bottom line but for those of us that our injured need to know what to do. you see when the ones who our taken off workcomp before a treating physican says they are ready to return from the injury we cannot return to work until our medical department has that report. ie jan 1 workcomp tells my company you are healed from your injury-the company puts you on unpaid sick no sick pay and no workcomp pay-yet you are still out with that injury as your treating physican has not released you. remind you you cannot return to duty without the treating physican statement per company policy so so many of us fall in this loop with no pay cannot return as we have no treating physcains release so we are left without any pay and workcomp has basicaly not abided by company policy just so they do not have to pay per company policy until our treating physicans say wer are released from the injury we recieved at work. i am sooo tired of hearing my surpervisor say well we can only go by what workcomp says there has to be a way to stop this scam i saw you mentioned ada rights im thinking that is the american with disabilty rights i dont know but if you could tell me more or tell me anything we can all do to stop this behavior by this workcomp co. it would greatly be appreciated do i go higher up with the company and tell them what is going on--trust me the supervisors know what they are doing by removing us from an injury on duty to sick leave of absence is wrong yet they are being told to do this and give us the same response that they can only go by what they say. any info would be greatly appreciated and thanks for all you do for others you are a god send!!
the link has more on ADA rights and how you file a complaint.
you don't have your location in your profile but I assume you are illinois.
legal jurisdiction of work comp benefits is with the Industrial Accident commission.
you can file with them for reinstatement of your disability benefits.
you can file an application with them
you may also be able to file a complaint with the Insurance commissioner.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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