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my trip to Ga.
was one we went on at the last minute....I had pushed my self till I was about to scream.....Bill had done all he could to help but I needed to get away and rest from all the stress here....Becca and my church picked up my chores here and off we went with all of about 3 days to plan....we planned to go up see Sweet drive on up and gig Admin go by see MJC and then drive home......We no more than got to sweets and the nursing home called Mom was in the hospital but stable...we decided not to go on up into Fla.just stay at Sweets and be able to leave if needed from there.....then The hospice called well thats a whole new mess I will deal with today....what I wanted to say was all in all it was a good trip....And the sweet love both Sweet tooth and Skeeter showed us has given me strenth to go on......thanks Sister of my heart
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

and she would not let me cry when she left !!!!what do you think of that ? well what she dont know wont hurt her ,what do you think i did when she drove off lollolo
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
My Dear Sweets, You are such a Good Soul!! I can't wait to Visit, and Enjoy Your Company for More than the Hour We did at the Castle!! I know Ellen would Love it, and Skeeter and I would have a Great Time also!!Wink
cant wait either my dear
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing

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