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I also was put in hospital.
Well I'm back, home anyways.. I still feel run down but better. You know is there such a thing as a smoke free room, or non smokers.. I am a former smoker and would not harp on anyone who smokes, but for some reason this time being sick is just awefull.. Everything smells like a dirty Butt tray, not regular tobaco smoke but nasty(stale butts). Tried the smoke free area in the casino but couldnt take it, still smelled like smoke, The pool and hot tub was just so humid, I couldnt breathe there either.. The kids swam and played and watched the races, they had a ball. The wife and I ended up just kicking back and relaxing and sitiing in our own room with hot tub (leaving the patio cracked) just chilling watching TV and sleeping..

It wasnt what I was looking for but sometimes we make the best of anything we can.. It was still peacefull just to get away.....
Bronco I forgot about your trip.

Sounds like a relaxing time!

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