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I also was put in hospital.
Monday morning when I got up I knew I was sicker then a dog.... But I had no one to call to work for me so I tried to tough it out. I was way to light headed while driving and practicaly passing out while making deliveries.. I drove my self in and just about didnt make it.. My O2 levels were 82, I figured also just a bad asthma attack. But because of my severe accident they had to run every test they could to eliminate clots (again) Chest exray showed nothing But the ct scan showed I had billateral pneumonia... So It took them 4 days to get me safe to go home (steroids & Levaquin), I'm off work till Mon to rest so My plans have not been broken ( I'm still going to Hayward )..
Prayers my friend, that is so hard, glad that you're home and hopefully healing. I have a friend on facebook that herniated a disc in her back coughing from her pneumonia. So take care, get well.

Sorry to hear that Bronco. You're really having a tough time lately. I hope once the weather gets better you won't be having all these mysterious attacks. Will be praying for you. Take care!

P.S. Why would you want to go to Hayward? (are you talking about California?) Unless it's changed drastically since I was younger, it was a very rough area. You must be a tough guy!!! LOL Tongue
Let Go, and Let God......
I was wondering why I hadn't seen you on the forum.

Take care of yourself.
Sorry bronco, hope you are up, about and feeling better soon,

CC, No Hayward is a small town in Northern Wisconsin.
take care bronco, hope you feel better
I Hope You Feel Better Soon Bronco!! Rest and Get Better, then go and Enjoy Your Trip!!Wink
Thanks gang, life seems to be throwing me some curve balls this year.. And I seem to be bouncing back fairly, since my accident I have had to pretty much as well as most of us here, re-invent some kind of a regular lifestyle....(dont know if that sounds right). And I guess you get to a point and push a little farther and !!!SLAP!!!, you get reminded that you are not the younger/ un-injured person you once was. I pushed to far, not paying attention to the warning signs, I dont get any days off but I dont sometimes work long days (load size) so it tends to equal out. But I have been lacking sleep and with all the other hustle and bussle with new problems it has worn me down....... I'm leaving today for Hayward, I know its like jumping the gun but have had reservations for a long time... We almost cancled, but I figured rest here or rest there and then my son can still see the Snow cross races & freestyle show. I cant go to the casino for the DR says (no second hand smoke), but have a big motel room and a hot tub for my wife & I to enjoy...... It might not be a fun in the sun but still relaxing and just kicking it....................

Thanks you's all for your concerns and such.......Bronco
sometimes Bronco thats all it takes to re energize yourself.......thats what I did went to sweets and just enjoyed each other
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Have a Great and Safe Time Bronco!!Wink

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