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W/C injury then fired
Thanks again for responding to my questions. I have been told by my former employer that my w/c case would be covered. Now, this will require surgery. Since I can't be employed by another company due to this injury, shouldn't I be getting benefits from w/c insurance until I am released from the doc?
You should be Getting a Wage replacement Benefit of Usually 66 2/3% of Your Current Wage. I"m in Pa., and They take the Highest 3 of the Last 4 Quarters, Add Them Together, and Divide by Three, and then give You 66 2/3% of that Amount as W/C TTD Payments are not Taxable. There is a Max. for Every State and if You Fall in that Category, They will Only Pay the Max. if You Make a Large Salary. as an Example, I Believe the Max. Here in Pa. right now is $720.00 per Week! You May want to Speak with a w/c Attorney or Two, the First Consultation is Usually Free, so You know Exactly where You Stand. With the Problems You are having so Far, I would Suggest You Retain w/c Counsel, They get Paid on a Contingency Basis, which Basically Means They Only get Paid if They Make You Money. Again Here in Pa. it's 20%, but Trust Me, My case is Very Complicated, and My Attorney has Earned Every Dime He gets!! Hope This Helps, and Have a Great Day!!Wink

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