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Good luck Michegan
We just had gravel delivered and the driver said his son is a prison gaurd. Since the PA jails are at 130% capacity they have decded to send a bunch of inmates to Michigan because they actually have jails that were going to be closed because of low population. This man said his son is responsible for 400 inmates in a 300 square foot area, and he is not permitted to carry a weapon, because he could too easily be overpowered and the weapon used in a jail break. They have to put riot gear on to move these inmates because they don't feel it's right that they are going to be moved so far from home. I wonder if they thought about this when they were committing their crimes, which ended them up where they are?
can you fit 400 ppl in a 300 square foot area???..i once had an apartment that was a little under 700 square feet and it wouldnt fit 200 ppl lol..they may have been fibing a lil
Sorry I miswrote. It is an area 300 feet by 300 feet. So that is bigger than a football field , which is 360 feet by 160 feet. Sorry the meds are kicking in. Does that make more sense?
yes mam..just made me think about how small my old apartment was lol

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