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For today... first anniversary
My first wedding anniversary was almost my last. It came on a weekend, we were both off from work. I planned breakfast for my husband in bed, french toast, sausage, strawberries. I had the patio door open that morning and a lizard came in, our cat Simon caught the lizard and I rescued the poor creature. I stood there holding the poor thing and thought I'd surprise my husband with it.

I had spring can, macadamia nuts, he loves them, that was the logo on the can. In went the lizard, I finished my husband's breakfast. On the breakfast tray went can, rose, french toast, sausage, strawberries and a card. Off I went to surprise him.

I woke him up with a kiss, he was surprised. He sat up, I put the tray on his lap while he got his pillows just right. The first thing he reached for was the macadamia nuts, he opened the can, out sprang the lizard and it attached to his cheek. He screamed, jumped, the tray went all over the place. He was so startled that he wet the bed (he denies this but I was a nurse, I knew what pee smelled like). About 45 minutes later he left he house and didn't return until nearly 11:00pm. He didn't speak to me for nearly 6 days.

We never spoke about the event, he returned my gift. I found out several months later that they were a pair of diamond and emerald earrings I had been admiring. We never found the lizard, poor thing.
Until that morning I never had any idea that my husband was afraid of lizards, snakes, spiders, etc. I actually like them I'll pick up snakes, lizards.

So now you know my story and my husband is all the more embarrassed.
To my knowledge he's never wet the bed again. I don't serve him Macadamia nuts anymore, he's only had breakfast in bed one other time.

Big Grin 
RolleyesBig GrinThat sounds like something I would pull, OMG! LOL! how funny,
One time Darrell was in the shower, he was a Ranch hand and I thought it would be funny, I grabbed a pitcher of ice, water, coat hanger and unlocked the door slowly, then I qiietly steped on the toilt and poored the pitcher, oh man did he ever say words, I ran out of there and out of the mobile home because I wasn't sure how upset he was from the sound of it, I had never heard him like that before, well I've never done it again and never would I felt so bad, I know he worked so hard every day from 4am-when he got done 24/7, he loved his job and he loved his boss.
Life is like the ocean, it can be calm one minute and the next a wave will knock you off your feet, it's up to you to get back up and take control.
LOL, well, we both lived despite our pranks and we're both still married. Says something about the forgiveness of our husbands.
I'm just terrible about remebering those important days. The one Valentines day I totally forgot about. I went to work 3-11 and everyone was saying Happy Valentines day. I told the RN Oh God Dave is going to kill me because I forgot again. She said didn't you notice all of the hearts hanging around here for the past 2 weeks. Well no I must not have. I was feeling bad when in through the door came the answer to my prayers. I worked in a nursing home and the undertaker from down the street always brought the left over baskets to the home so the elderly people could enjoy the flowers. Well I took 6 beautiful roses out and put them in a bud vase. That night I walked in the door all happy with myself for getting him something. Dave took one look at the flowers and said "You brough me dead peoples flowers?" I said NO THEY AREN'T , but he had me dead to right. One good thing I never had to buy him anything for Valentines Day after that. He always tells me never mind about a gift.
How funny I will always remember thBig Grinat one!
Life is like the ocean, it can be calm one minute and the next a wave will knock you off your feet, it's up to you to get back up and take control.

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