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For today.....a poem
For today.....a poem

When my future husband proposed at a Diary Queen restaurant he had a bit of a problem. So a couple days later I wrote this poem, I read it at our wedding reception. Really happened.

The proposal

The love of my life,
Went down on one knee.
His heart t'was strong,
But his rectum was not.

The rose in his hand,
Could not mask the smell.
A tear, a tear, a tear to my eye,
I still said yes,
Though his wind made me stutter
That Poor Guy!!! He must have been as Embarrassed as He** when that Happened at the Dairy Queen!!Tongue Good Poem Though!!Wink Here's My Poem for the Day, See if You can Fill in the Missing Word:

I saw a Birdie in a Tree
Hello Said I to the Birdie
I Lured Him Over with a Piece of Bread
and Crushed His Mother ------ Head!!!Tongue

Now This is Just for Fun, I would Never do that!!!Smile
I got the missing word....ADMIN will ban me if I post it.......great poem..Limbo Tongue

BB....you are too funny.....just how embarrassed was he?
Very, for another day I will tell of our adventure on our first wedding anniversary. Perhaps for tomorrow morning. We've been a bit too serious lately, some humor is always good.
I'll be looking for it first thing in the morning.Wink
A heads up, my first wedding anniversary was almost my last.
Today is My 30th Builder!! I'm 47, and My Wife and I had Our First Date on Sept.8, 1977, and Were Married in 1980!! (My Son was Born Aug. '79) OOPS!!!Tongue
I will be married 31 years June 15th of this year. Happy 30th anniversary to you and your wife.
Hubby & my 31st was February 10th.
Happy belated anniversary my friend

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