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Anyone ever have this happen before?
On top of every other thing that I have going on....the other day I went shopping with my daughter. I stooped down to pick up some tins of cat food off of the lower shelf. When I tried to get back up, I found I could not. Even if I reached up and grabbed at a higher shelf to pull myself up I could not. I ended up calling on my daughter to pull me up. This is the first time I have ever had this happen, though I have found it more and more difficult to get up from that position. I don't know if it is the Tarlovs, or the L5-S1 herniation, or the nerve damage. But I don't like it. Very upsetting.
did you have surgery??a few months after my 2 level fusion i was changin out my dogs water and it happened to me was stuck on the floor for about ten minutes wasnt fun
Bagg, Yes I have noticed that it has become harder for me to get up from that position , without hanging onto something, Now I don't know if it was my injury, or old age. LOL. Maybe takeing a cane along to help with leverage????when bending or stooping. I have no pain , just can't get up...........
Yep, no pain, nothing. Just doesn't work. I don't think it has anything to do with old age. This was just a strange feeling of not being able to do it. Like I had no information going from my brain to do the job. I don't think I cane would help. Of course I don't want to get into that situation again. I felt like a frog with no bounce!!!!

I did have surgery, but that was in Feb of 2008!!
I have had that Problem a Few Times, and it's a Scary Feeling!! I have to Use a Cane to Walk Outdoors, I have things Arranged in the House that I always have Something to Grab onto. I'm Glad You are O.K. Though!!Wink
I have, not the same thing though. If I were to put my hand behind my neck, it may lock, and stay there, as it is very very painful to try and get it down. Just a different body part.

I suggest you buy one of those reaching grabbing things now. It will help in grabbing lower things for you.
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Very unnerving and I know how you feel. It's a sickly feeling and gets the responses running as to what the heck is happening. We all know the spine is nothing to play games with. Too bad we all weren't born with instruction manuals.

DOI--1-24-2003 / 3 cashed discs from L-3 to the sacrum / One of millions screwed by an insurance company / Lumbar fusion is set for 3-19-2010, a great reason to be positive now.......
Yes I've had it happen to me several times before my surgery and a few times after. It's a horrible feeling to have it happen. I am a person who enjoys a nice long hot bath, but because of these ""episodes" of not being able to get up on my own I no longer take a bath when my husband isn't home. I just stick with the shower. I also don't do any of the laundry since I had to crawl up out of the basement because my husband was in the garage and couldn't hear me yelling for help, so he said no more laundry for you. I absolutly love him for all the support he has given me.
6/97--Discectomy L5-S1. 3/09--Discectomy L5-S1 (failed). 6/09--spinal fusion L5-S1. This year who knows?
Damn. Guess I'll have to get married.
I wouldn't get married for just the free laundry service, but if it came with someone who did windows, hop the next plane for Vegas!!!
6/97--Discectomy L5-S1. 3/09--Discectomy L5-S1 (failed). 6/09--spinal fusion L5-S1. This year who knows?

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