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medical question
I have a medical questions I am wondering if someone can answer it.

I had carpal tunnel surgery Tuesday of this week.

My arm is numb above & below the elbow.

I had release of the medan nerve.

Is this a normal part of recovery?
That is not unusual, it may continue actually for a couple months since you were used to only certain sensations. Make sure that after week 4 you start strengthening exercises.

Thanks BB.

This arm feels very different after surgery then the left one did.
Sometimes after surgery this is increased local swelling and the nerve is still being irritated. The referred symptoms can track up the arm to the neck as that is the course of the median nerve. THe other thing though is if the anesthesiologist used a Bier Block with a tourniquet at the bicep., that can hurt the nerve in your upper arm. Therefore this symptom bears a clsoe watch and letting the surgeon's staff know.
Thank you Cycler.
It is not unusual for more numbness to be apparent in the non-domant limb. You use it less, it takes longer to respond.

But if the numbness continues or gets worse then contact your surgeon and don't take no for an answer. It needs to get better over time, not level out then get worse.

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