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% for Attorneys Fees ? for Settlement 70% and 30% or .333
20% is the cap in PA.....my attorney when he filed the claim petition of course put in it that if we won the other side would pay everything so when I settled my attorney got 20% of my settlement at that's it....the IC paid all legal fees, IME's , depos, etc. I feel all claims petitions should be written like this......

Limbo it seems like PA attorneys are known for this.Wink
Cap. in Pa an Attorney can Charge You Upfront Fees, and then get Them Back for You if You Win. Usually if it's a Weak Case the Attorney doesn't want to Spend too Much on a Case to Lose, and Lose Their Fees, Expenses, etc. I know in My Case, when the First Part of My Case was Won, My Attorney's Firm Turned in a Bill for Costs and Fees for Depositions, Etc. of a bit Less than $10K and the Judge Ordered the Ins. Co. to Pay That, and I Paid the Attorney Fees with My 20%. But Had We Lost, They would have Lost the Expense Monies, that's why I Believe it Depends on the Firm and the Case Here on how They set-up Their Contingency Agreements!Wink

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