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% for Attorneys Fees ? for Settlement 70% and 30% or .333
Just wondering but I thought my Attorney would get 30% and I would get 70% and on the paperwork that I have to sign for my settlement it shows he used .33 for his share for Attorney fees?How was yours if you remember when you settled?
20% for settlement, 30% for money obtained for going to a hearing to recover.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
20% of settlement plus office fees. This 20% is a state law where I live.
My attorney charged me 20% of my settlement. No more no less, and then I received a seperate check that was for all I had paid out of pocket. My attorney did not take anything out of that.

Born, good to see ya, don't stay away so long......
In Kansas the attorney receives 25 % of TDD and of the settlement.
I'm in Pa. Born,and My Agreement is 20% of any Monies Won, 20% of any Penalty Monies, and I am Charged No Fees Whatsoever. My Attorney Receives 20% of My Checks Weekly, as He Won a Superceadeus Hearing for Me, and that's what Started the 20%. But He has Made it Clear that if We can't get the Ins. Co. to Settle at the Figure I'm Looking for, or Close to it, He will Lower His Percentage on the Settlement Amount as He has been getting 20% for over 4 Years now, and there has been Many Months when He had to do Nothing while We awaited Decisions! He's been Very Fair with Me, I couldn't Ask for Better!!Wink
Still In Limbo, I like your attorney!
I am in Montana. My attorney takes 20% of settlement. He does not take any off of my monthly payments since I was able to get that sorted myself. No other charges. And I have to say he is right on top of everything. He seems to know exactly what I am thinking and does it before I call him to ask.

The 20% is Montana law.
My Attorney has been a God Send for Me Bummer!! He has Made Partner of His Firm, and Deserves it!! I had a Dr.'s Appt. with My PM Dr. Today and I had to Discuss a Job Offer with Them Concerning the Ins. Co. trying to Use Voc. Rehab. as Their Last Chance to try and Cloud the Waters, and He Returned My Call within One Hour!! I just can't Say Enough Good about this Man, He Shoots Straight, and doesn't Sugar Coat Things, and that's just the Way I want My Case Handled!!Wink It Sounds Like You have found a Good One also Bags!!Wink
Still he does sounds like an awesome attorney.

It is very important for injured workers to have an attorney they trust & respect.

I do trust my attorney, I may not always understand the direction he is leading, and that is my fault for not asking questions. But I do trust him.

I know of 7 injurd workers that have had my attorney and all were happy with him.

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