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A question for the nurses?
Pure Cranberry Juice can really get expensive. My wife uses Northland Cranberry juice It is 100% juice but 27% Cranberry Juice; No added sugar. Her Doctor told her this was good enough or the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice that is 100% juice and 25% Cranberry; also no added sugar. (6 oz at nighttime)

100% cranberry juice can be bought. It is extremely bitter and rather expensive maint. for a UTI.

A 64 oz bottle of Northland 27% cranbery juice that is 100% juice with not sugar is around $3.50 whereas a 100% cranberry juice(32 0z I believe) is around &9 dollars at alocal supermarket Brookshires.
Thank you Red & Freebird

Freebird you answered the question I was going to ask.

What to buy?

I have shopping on my to do list for the weekend. It is a long list, I have carpal tunnel surgery Tuesday of the dominant hand, and having been trying to get things caught up around the house. (I am one that likes to plan ahead and be prepared)
When you go shopping ask the pharmacy at the shop about an over the counter med for helping with the pain of UTI's There is one. My daughter also had that as well as antibiotics. I just can't remember the name of it.

Well, sounds very much like she has her work cut out for her. When she was under the care of a specialist, did they take x-rays, ultra-sounds on the bladder and kidney system she has? My daughter has a thing called uretroseal. Think that is how it is spelled. Basically she has her normal left and right kidney, but also another spare kidney on top of the right kidney. She has an extra ureter as well and she has what I can best describe as a bladder within a bladder. Truly messed up. Fortunately the extra kidney stopped functioning so we were able to avoid surgery. But the life long problem of UTI's and possible kidney infection ever since. I have to say that she was able to stop taking antibiotics at around 11, but once she started her periods, she seemed to start up again with the UTI's. So hygiene was really at the fore then. Later, when she became physically involved with her boyfriend cause extra issues. So it is a proper nightmare to control. You can go the homeopathic route too. Most of that is preventative. Just do some research on the internet and you can finds lots of info.

But if you have one once of real worry you should take her to the ER. Make sure when you go to give all of the history as well. Unless she is already in the system. Our consultant in England was a phone call away for my daughter, as a just in case situation. He made it very clear to call whenever there was doubt.
Thank you Bag for the information and support.

Breanna's doctor will be in the office tomorrow and I will call him and stop by the office after my physical therpay.

When Breanna was in the hospital she had several, scan, X-rays, and other test.
When when she was released from the hospital her care continued with a specialist with more test being done.

Breanna's mother had much of the same problems, and also has been under the care of a specialist.

We are pushing the fluids and cranberry juice.

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