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A question for the nurses?
This medical question is about my niece Breanna.

Breanna has been in my home for 3 1/2 yrs.

Shortly after she came into my home she started experiencing low back pain, burning when she went to the ladies room.

Breanna ended up in the hospital for a week with a bad kidney infection, she was in a medicated induced coma for 3 days and was a very sick young lady.

She was under the care of a kidney specialist up until last year when she was relaeased from the doctors care.

Here is my question?

Breanna again has some of her previous symptoms, low back pain, burning, frequent trips to the ladies room with little output.

She had a urinalysis to tday and the only thing I see on the UA is the epithelial cell, where the word MANY is inserted.

Breanna's doctor is out of town, I am watching her closely.

Any thought on this?

Bummer Knees
Kidney infection, she should of been started on antibiotics
Bummer, I am not a Nurse, but I have heard of the epithelial cells in the past. What is strange you mention MANY. If you were to better describe the way it was so written, it just might help one of our Nurses here help you.

Some entities, if present, are estimated as "few," "moderate," or "many," such as epithelial cells, bacteria, and crystals.

I do remember if the test used was a UA, and there where too many epithelial cells in the test, that even before treating a urine culture may be performed if a urinary tract infection (UTI) is suspected. Special care must be taken during specimen collection, particularly in women, to prevent bacteria that normally live on the skin or in vaginal secretions from contaminating the urine.

This happened to my wife several years ago when she was found to have had a parasite. Thought she had a urinary tract infection along with other issues, so they had to perform the urine culture.

Where these letters in the UA report ((LPF))?
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Sounds very much like a kidney infection that escalated from a bladder infection. These things get out of control on those of the girls who seem to be prone to this. I don't know if there is some underlying reason for her recurrence. And yes, she needs to be on antibiotics. You don't say how old she is. If this is going to look like something of a regular things, you may want to discuss with your specialist about maintenance dose of antibiotics. You also want to make sure that your niece practices or is taught good hygiene rules. You know, wipe front to back not the other way around.

My daughter grew up most of her life on a maintenance dose of antibiotics, but then she also had an underlying condition which meant that she was extremely prone to urinary tract infections. Like you, I had to keep close eye on any symptoms that would come along. Depending on her age, you might want to keep that symptom watching under your hat. Younger children are quite expert at pretending symptoms to get out of school etc. Best of luck. Let us know what happens.
One more thing. She won't like it, but keep pushing those fluids. Water is best.
Bummer,Becca takes a womens vitimin that has cranberry in it and it helps keep hers in check it is a walmart brand vitamin
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thank you everyone.

Bad Boy this was a UA test.

Breannna is a teenager and a sophmore in high school.

Other then school she stays at home and seldom goes anywhere due to her disability.

Breanna is prone to bladder & kidney infections, was was under care of a kidney specialist for many years.

When Breanna was in the hospital a few years ago her kidneys were in a pre-shut down stage.

I am very worried about her and would like her started her on treatment on her way to being well before my surgery Tuesday.

Bummer Knees
Sounds like a UTI to me also, I am prone to them myself and have had several. Bagg has given you really good advice, Cranberry juice and water and lots of it...along with the antibiotics, which should have been started already. Good luck and hope she is feeling better soon.
I agree Tuffy.

No word from the doctor, I believe he is still out of town.

If her condition gets worse I will call her Grandma and take her to ER.
Bummer...you have been given some very good advice. The idea about cranberry juice is a great preventitive non invasive action that can be done easily. In my homes, since elderly are prone to UTI's (urinary track infections), all 9 pm medications were given with 4 oz of cranberry juice. If they didn't want it then it was documented on their care plan and another action was put into place. My quality reports showed a stong correlation between use of cranberry juice to decrease the incidence of urinary tract infection. About a year of me doing in it NJ it was adopted as a standard of care for most nursing homes in NJ based on my research. It is very very effective. Lots of water also.. but just a little cranberry juice does the trick. The reason has to do with the acid base balance of urine. The cranberry correct the ph balance to where it should be to stop the invasion or opportunity for bacteria virus etc to grow. Good luck with your daughter this is not comfortable for her. Red
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