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WC Saga
State of Michigan
Well folks, I have been in the WC system almost ten years with a spine injury. Last worked in 2007. Treatments have been: numerous rounds of therapy, trigger point injections, epidural steroids, facet joint injections, nerve ablations, traction, TENS unit and many, many medications. Surgery is not recommended and could make my condition worse.
I have followed this forum through most of my ordeal. Great advice is given here and I wanted to thank all who have stuck around and helped others. My case is now close to settling and whatever amount I get will never replace what has been lost. WC has paid nothing for almost two years. During that time I had to sell my home and lost much of what I worked twenty five years to attain. I was lucky enough to have a LTD policy through my employer which paid me for a short time. Even had to appeal that denial and won.
I have been sent to nine IME appointments. All of these "Doctors" followed the same mode of operation and issued the same basic report. In my state the insurance company can send you to an "independent evaluation" and stop benefits based on this one report. Then it's hurry up and wait for a hearing. There have been eight or nine hearings scheduled and rescheduled time and again.
My attorney has an excellent reputation and is considered a "Super Lawyer" by his peers. I retained my attorney after receiving a settlement offer from the insurance company two years ago. We turned down their first lowball offer and I was sent to an IME and all benefits stopped. The third offer is now on the table and I have been advised to accept it. It is close to six figures with no repayment to LTD.
Today I received the dreaded first denial from SSDI. My chronically ill spouse learned today that his former employer is in bankrupty and his life insurance policy is no more. His pension will be administered by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Fund and will be reduced to who knows what after their audit is done. I am, as my screen name says, at the end of my rope. Still trying to tie a knot and hang on.
I would give almost anything to be able to go to work everday and live a pain free life. That is not to be.
Sorry this is so long but I wanted others to see the timeline I have dealt with.
God help all injured workers.
Well welcome to the board. So glad you now find it a little easier to write and not just read. It's good to share your injured life with others, because it is very hard to get family & friends to understand what we go through. They just don't understand us, as because they have not been where we been.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Welcome to the forum!
Yes, I too, welcome you to this wonderful site. We are a rag bag mix of personalities and we like to rub each other the wrong way occasionally, but over all every single person here is part of a great support system. Make sure you visit the off topic area, though I would highly recommend you stay away from the political forum if you are a sensitive soul, like myself.
hi and welcome to the forum
Welcome Smile
Big Grin Welcome to our happy home, OK, be welcome anyway.Tongue
I was hurt in 2005 and these threads have been a life saver.
I really could not believe that others were caught up in this
upside down situation. Post and be stronger for it, at least I will.
L shoulder torn 3.5" R shoulder damaged. Heart damage, carpal tunnel (L&R) cataplexy/narcolepsy, arthritis, hypoglycemic. +. Bernie
Thanks for the welcome all.
Bad Boy-Your knowledge of the system is awesome. Seems like I used to read your posts on one of the legal forums years ago.
Bag-Thanks for the warning. I am a former head union steward from Motown, not a sensitive soul in the political aspect of things.
Bernie-You have to personally experience this system to believe all the B.S. involved. This forum shows you can come out on the other side, once you get over the anger at everything.
Endofmyrope, wow, our stories are very similar and that doesn't surprise me one bit. Here too in, WI, one IME is all they need to screw you. I laughed at his report. I like how you put doctors in quotes. I call them hacks or quacks, even a paid *hore. I quickly found out that you sign nothing except for the date of injury report as quickly as possible. At my job, they told me I don't get WC. They lied right away. I too lost rounds with SSDI and I quit trying. These injuries destroy life quickly and the resources that are there to "help" don't. They treat you like a liar (because many try to scam) and because of that, we are all treated poorly. I even had the exact same garbage treatments you did and none of them worked. Funny thing was, they second my practitioner mentioned seeking surgical intervention, I was sent 88 miles one way to my first IME and it destroyed me. Then I sought a lawyer. I just got crushed in the end, like so many others.

Hang in there, something good will come up your way. Not sure about your state but can you take the "settlement", pocket it and get the surgery you need on the states insurance? It's what I'm doing now. It's only luck too as badgercare (Wisconsin) just created this extended benefit program for "poverty level residents" and it's my ticket to getting fixed. March 19th to be exact and I want to set a record for healing. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Good luck...

DOI--1-24-2003 / 3 cashed discs from L-3 to the sacrum / One of millions screwed by an insurance company / Lumbar fusion is set for 3-19-2010, a great reason to be positive now.......

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