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Lost my anniversary ring
I am just sick about it.
Took it off with my opal ring to show. It's a large stone and tends to catch on things. I take off my opal ring since it's a soft stone. The anniversary ring is a 2ct citrine and 1/2 kt garnet with diamond chips. It's gone, knocked it off with the opal and I don't know if it went down the sink or what.

I loved that ring and I always felt guilty about it. That we really didn't have the money. It could of gone toward other things. Now it's gone, I spent over a half an hour looking for it. I remember taking it off, that's all.
I just feel so guilty, my body for some reason breaks things so easily. 30 yrs and I'm on my 3rd set of wedding rings. The citrine ring had already been fixed once since it was purchased in June 2009. I did fee so guilty about that ring, that I wasn't deserving and now it's gone. Almost like I've asked for too much and being punished
Pray to Saint Anthony. Just say, Saint Anthony, patron Saint of lost items please help me find my ring........I will also ask him to help you find it.
Thanks backache, my husband took apart the sink trap when he got home (pedestal sink) and there it was. I know it's just a ring, sigh, not a cheap one.
Same here BB.....St. Anthony is the one....will send a prayer up to him.
see honeys are good for alot of things glad you found it
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I still think it was Saint Anthony that found it....LOL

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