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steroids and cataracts

Hi all...I know this may sound dumb to some and not be pertinant BUT I am really upset right now. I had my yearly appt. with my eye Dr. this morning. I was told almost 2 years ago at age 52 that I had the very beginning of a small cataract on my left eye. He wasn't at all concerned. Practice is very cautious of their diabetic patients even though I am diet controled and have an A1c of roughly 5.7. Here's the problem. In the past year I have had 10 steroid injections. Not good for a diabetic. glusose goes sky high for about 48 hours and then is back to normal. I noticed a few months ago that i could read without glasses which is the first time since i turned 40. I'm 53. I was thrilled. I figured since I had worked with numbers in a dark room for so many years that it was eye strain and had rectified itself since i'm not working. I now have 20/20 as far as near sight goes but when the Dr. covered my left eye I am blind. Can't see anything. Now I have an appt on thursday with the specialist surgeon to have a consult. The Dr. I saw today told me to make sure I told him how many steroid injections and medrol packs I've taken in the past year that she feels this is what caused it's rapid progression. Dr. told me there are 3 types of cataracts and I have all 3 on my left eye and that they see this with excessive steroid use. I am so mad right now I could scream. Again because of my injuries I end up with something else. If not for the injuries I would not have had 10 injections or had to take a couple of medrol packs. Any comments? I feel like a nut.

Crazy CAPCool
same thing happened to driller - he had the artificial lens put in and his vision was returned to 20/20. The difference is his happened from 1 metroldose pack.

Just make sure that if it is because of the steroids that it is documented as such and given to your attorney so that it can be sent to the IC so that they can pay for all surgery related to the cataracts.
good luck with all this. i'm no expert or anything, but maybe it is the whole combo of everything causing eyes to worsen.

their are some excelent options out there for cataract treatment, many with very short recovery times. Most vision insurance will take care of it if their are no options (glasses) left to remedy it w/o surgery. Eye surgeries have come a long way, including the ability to do artificial lens implants, and lens transplants.

again, i wish u the best. take care of yourself
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I had cataracts surgery two years ago on both eyes. My
cataracts were fast developing. At the beginning of the week I was reading and doing my craft projects. By the end of the week I could no longer see well enough to read, even with my reading glassess and I could no longer do my crafts or drive.

I had surgery the same week I saw the doctor. My sisters were also young when they had cataract surgery, 21 and 25.

Sometimes genitics plays a part in cataracts.
Cap. I believe your case is still active correct? If so, you need to Consult your Attorney and add a Petition for Medical Review and have this added to your claim. Especially if your Eye Dr. will confirm his diagnosis in writing! Don't let them get away with this! I am currently working with a Urologist because my Body stopped Producing Testerone, and if the Dr. can tie this in with my Back injury, (It's too early for him to tell just yet) You can bet I'm adding it to mine!! We're both from Pa. and you have 3 Years from the date of Discovery to Petition the Court on complications, so you can surely add this!! It may Help your bottom line down the Road at settlement time, it will raise your Disability Rating!! I Wish You the Best, and Hope everything goes O.K.!!Wink
Best of luck on your eyes Cap. I know how precious vision is...I've had 2 surgeries on my right on and am legally blind in it. Lots of patch work when I was little on both eyes...right eye just never got better. I agree that this should be added to your work comp claim!!!!!!! God Bless you!!!!!!!!
Always love your cubs unconditionally...they are a gift from God and someday they'll pick your nursing home!!

God bless all of you. I knew my family would come through. When the Dr. told me it is steroid related and she did not feel my diabetes caused it I was really annoyed. I will make sue it is the specialist/surgeon's opinion also. IF it is from all the steroids I will ask for documentation and get it in my attorney's hands immediately. Now if he says it's a combo of diabetes and steroids I still feel it's related to WC because I am diet controlled and never have high readings UNLESS i have an injection. I will tell him about my injuries and make sure he is aware of why I have so much steroid use behind me.

Pooh.....I can't believe driller went through this with a one medrol pack. That's sad. I kept telling all the Dr.s they couldn't keep injecting me because of my diabetes but all felt it was the only treatment.

BK....thank you for sharing. I am petrified of anything that has to do with the eyes, expecially surgery. My shoulder surgery traumatized me and this was the last thing I needed right now. I don't know if I'm up to another surgery right now.

Dipweed......I have 2 eye insurance coverages so am not worried about that. The Dr. i saw yesterday made it clear they have to be surgically removed and also told me by my eye exam I don't need glasses anymore. 20/20. Knocked my socks off when I covered my right eye and couldn't see squat out of my left. I never noticed. But then again she told me I am seeing everything out of my good eye.

for the well wishes and prayers. Yes vision is all important. when I cover my right eye all I can see is a blur through the left. scared the pants of me. I am so sorry you went through all of this, especialliy as a child. God bless you also.

Scared CAPSad

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