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snow and more snow
we were to get 3-8 inches of snow but lucked out and only got about 3 inches, except there is about a 1/2'' of ice under it. high temp today is to be 22 with tomorrow only getting up to 29. Sure are looking forwoard to Spring this has been a long winter. Snow Snow and more snow. They are calling for us to have another storm Monday as well. Tuffy said it was melting up her way. Bad Boy Bad Boy how about your way? Have to go north to Chicago Wed and don't want to drive in it.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
We are under a winter weather advisory in Kansas.

Snow is to start tomorrow.
The roads are clear here, my driveway is also clear, and can see spots of grass here and there, there are still snow piles where the plows have been,

They ( weather man) is calling for snow on Monday and Tuesday. it is really windy. Drive safe into Chi Town, If all else fails and you can't get back home call BBBB and have him come get you.ROFL
we got 27 inches today.Tongue
Weather reports are saying we will receive 9 inches of snow, most Sunday night.

Kiddos are excited thinking Monday will be a snow day.
You guys can have the snow and bad weather, We have had our share!!!LOL
Tuffy- don't worry My brother in-law said I could not go by myself to the hospital so he is taking the day off to take me. Yes gang I am headed back to the hospital Wed. ihave to go to Chicago for this surgery as they can't do it here. they are doing a Bi-Op of the clavical to find out if it a infection in the bone or bone cancer. So once again I ask for your prayers. But I worry about the roads and snow, I don't like to be in it at all.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms

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