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My Crazy boys
Jayne I know Jasons teeth are all of his own and in very good shape. He does have a part between the front ones, but it only adds to his charm. He was a machinist, but decided to go into carpentry, he is very talented in both. He adores children and always wanted a bunch of them. Yes he can cook. He has been on his own since he was 18 so he had to learn. One of the reasons he isn't dating is because here in (Hooterville) he grew up with all of the girls and they are all good friends. Being from a very small town he says they are all like sisters so he doesn't want to date them. He is such a good kid. I keep telling him when one of those dating sites has a free weekend I'm going to put him on it. LOL
plenty of fish is free and the advertise on here
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Hi Backache

How are the boys doing on the garage?

Any recent pictures?

Hubby finished the home projects here, got the new computer desk finished today.
The bathroom walls were painted yesterday, and last week the basement walls were painted along with rebuilding the fireplace wall.

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