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Im in the hospital
Not sure whats wrong yet, running lots of test exrays ctscans of chest and brain, had another ultra sound.. I belive I had a stroke yesterday, no reall signs yesterday so thought it was just gas, to day at work my whole left side went numb so here I am.... They found no clots but the ct scan didnt show right due to my size. making me stay for observation and getting stress test done in the norning....

I have my wifes laptop, as many know you cant rest in a hospital. Might as well keep entertained before anxiety attacks start.....................
I'm sorry to hear about your day Bronco, and do hope that everything and all the testing has a good result for you. Will be praying for your recovery!
Let Go, and Let God......
ahhhhhhhhhh sweety I am sorry....I hate hospitals,but I have found out they have sodas and snacks if you ask for them and they are free.....no chasing the nurses
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thanks Jayne & Chrischris, I thought after 2 months on my last visit I would never return.... I am just so warn down tired and o2 89% to 91%. But cant find a clot so hope fully it went through and went back down through legs and made it to my ivc filter.....
Bronco, So sorry to hear this, have you been pushing yourself to hard, and with all the bad weather there is added stress. My thoughts and prayers are with you, that this is nothing and will soon pass.....Take care....Tuffy
Thanks Tuffy, Lately I have felt fatigued wiped, and maybe stress added to the pot.. One things for sure, they are trying to keep me doped up so my pain levels stay low.... Which is fine by me....
Bronco - sorry to hear you are have so much trouble, I know you don't want to be there but understand they need to find out what is going on and fix it. I t is good that you are able to type and know what you want to say, these are all good signs Will be saying extra peayers that everything comes out ok.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Thanks RNvic, I do know this is the best place for me right now. Orange Sherbert icecream, Its been forever since I had that...lol My DR is a bit different he a different race and dont talk english well, but to top it off he talks without opening his mouth, so its very hard to under stand him...
sorry to see you in the hosp. praying all goes well for ya please just lay back and let them wait on ya while you can it wont last all that long ,maybe you wont get told what i did ,YOUR MILKING THIS FOR ALL ITS WORTH AINT YA MA lollol i told them i sure was and they had to live with it lollool
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Prayers that you'll be home soon my friend. No pinching or man-handling any of those cute nurses now. Also remember sponge bathes are not a given and the nurse giving it will probably look and sound like your mother.

Take care my friend,

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