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Graves Disease
Well as most of you know I have Graves Disease ( Thyroid) Well for the past few weeks I have been having trouble , feeling rotten, Panic/anxiety attacks, cold sweats, dizziness, tingling in my fingers and weakness in my legs etc heart palpatations.Along with shortness of breath, Very scary, Well my blood work came back today and my thyroid is all out of wack again. Normal lab value is 3 to 4, Iam 11, have gone hypothyroid, sinse last blood work in Oct.

My Dr has increased my Thyroid med from 88mg to 112mg and back for blood work in 4 weeks...........all other tests were good. Thank my lucky stars it was my thyroid and not my heart........Tuffy
great news Tuffy I am glad it is something a pill can cure
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Tuffy, I'm so sorry to hear this. I will be praying the medication increase helps. Gosh, keep us updated.
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Yah I don't like to complain, as it is not WC related, and you all have worse problems, But thanks for your concern....I just needed to tell someone as I sure was relieved......
I have a sister with Graves Disease and she also takes medication with regular blood work done.

I believe the medication works well for her.
Tuffy WC or not your still our family and we are here for you
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I was diagnosed with hypothyrodism 23+ yrs ago and have gone through all of the ups and downs. For the past 12 more up than down but it can wrack havic on your system. I would recommend that you visit this website
It's part of the about.com website, very informative if you're hypo or hyper.
I have a dead thyroid as a result of an allergic reaction to an iodine contrast dye injected into my TMJ joint. My initial TSH was 238 so I know exactly how you feel when you're out of whack. But it is manageable education is definitely the key.

Take care,
Hope you are feeling better soon Tuffy. That thyroid gland controls so much. Glad it wasn't your heart girl. Take care!!
Let Go, and Let God......
Thanks everyone, BB This isn't anything new I have had Graves for several years, Have had RAI and then Thyroid eye disease with double vision. Went from Hyper to hypo, labs normal range is 3 to 4, I am at 11, so it was time to increase my med. Thanks for the site, Mary is very good, I have read her info and many others....

Just realised ( dumb Me ) that I posted on the injured workers side, I ment to put it on off topic. Sorry
Ah, in the thyroid world we call that brain farts.
Something to consider, L-glutamine, amino acid, can help with the muscle aches and pains.

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