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Chiropractor VRS PT and WC
Bronco.I agree with Limbo on the legal issues. I love my Chiro. Got rid of the headaches for me. Massage has helped me also and I do several stretches every morning before my feet hit the floor.
Cap I start physical therapy this week for the cervical headaches.

The last couple of days has been rough with the headaches, meds & tens unit not helping.
Bummer...the only part of PT that ever helped my cervical headaches was massage and stretching.....The Chiro adjusted and I even had a little traction which was wonderful. I get them very rarely now.
Cap I will be having the traction, massage and streaching.

I had 2 weeks of massage after the accident and it did help.

This headache lasted 36 hours, never had that before.
Bummer..I wish you all the luck...I think you'll find relief from this type of treatment. I know I did and it's been long lasting. One of my problems is severe cervical stenosis and another is a very large bone spur that is indenting my spine. Not to mention the multiple bulging disks. When it hurts it hurts but I have been able to get some long term relief from Chiropractic care.Smile
Cap it will be a week before I start physical therapy.

They will do an evaluation and a special type of treatment.

I will leave therapy wearing a neck brace and won't be able to drive for a few days.

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