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Chiropractor VRS PT and WC
I have a few concerns, From WI and still being treated for injuries.
I have had ongoing head aches since the accident, I have had pt for it and they did massages which helped a bit but not the cure... I have been told from DR'S thats its rebound headaches from comming off pain meds.. It has been over 2 years and still no relief and just get the brush off from my DRS, they say lets fix the worse first.. Well I'm sick of waiting, my wife gets adjustments on her back all the time and I was discussing my problem with them.. He feels since my neck hurts randomly and the headaches are consistant

They want me to come in and get some exrays, and he will se what he can do for my headaches.
I plan on using my private ins, but if I go will this jepordize my WC claim... ??

What do any of you's feel about having hardware and seeing a chiropractor..??

I'm just looking for a little insight and pro/cons if I do........
a good chiropractor will not touch you until they do x rays....but as a daily migrain sufferer I was told they are cervical headaches from the bad disc in my neck..And my chiropractor will not touch me..I had migrains before the injury but these are different much more intence and on both sides rather than one side.....I would ask for a disc o gram on my neck before I let anyone near it....just my opinion Bubba
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

the x-rays are a waste of money, add nothing to the diagnosis despite what a DC might tell you and expose you to needless radiation. But the adjustment to your neck will almost certainly help your headaches.

go figure
Thanks Jayne.../ Cycler...

And I agree exrays a must, I already told him he is not going to touch lower back, for that is where all my harware is (pelvis & hip). But I am ready to try anything for relief but dont want to screw up with WC... He does know that I am being treated by other drs for my wc injury, but still wants to do total spine exrays.. I figured why not, another set of eyes cant hurt... This chiropractic center has been around for ages and holds a good reputation. I trust he would do it with my intrest in hand...
But it all unfolds to WC, and dont want to stir up a hornets nest, if you know what I mean....
Ummm I just don't know.. I do know I had a Occupational Doctor that did perform these arts of spinal adjusments on me. Even after I had the 3 or 6 level cervical neck fusions. It was done, there would be a very fast shock to my body, but not really pain. it would take my breath away, but, I do think from the fright it put me through. Yes, I was scared, yet I trusted this doctor with my life, in fact I guess I did. I just couldn't see myself just going to any Chiro under these conditions. So I can't say too you go, or don't go. Trust your own judgement, and if your comfortable then do what you feel may help...
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
I started to go to a chiropractor and it has really helped. I tried to get my ortho surgeon to send me to one but they don't believe in it. They only believe in PT. I wasn't sure either but my headaches and back pain is decreasing. I'm self paying- discount for cash- but it is worth it.
The manipulation, done correctly, puts no significant force across the disc and can and is be safely done in fusion patients. The x-ray adds nothing but radiation exposure to the patient and dollars to the Dr. as the alleged chiropractic diagnosis of a subluxation is a myth, the abnormal curvature talked about is meaningless since that is a soft tissue issue and not corrected via the manipulation regardless of what they might tell you, and the overwhelming majority of chiropractic manipulation is done without prior x-rays based on studies done by the national DC socieities ( there are several because of all the political infighting, back stabbing and out and out wars these so called Drs tend to engage in amongst themselves.)

Perhaps an Osteopath physician would be the better choice, they have more than one tool, not just one hammer, and so every problem to them is not a nail.
Bronco, My Opinion Only, but before You go Out on Your Own and get This Done, just Run it by Your Attorney. Even though You are Paying, You don't want Them to Come at You Later and Say that You having This Work Done Caused You Damage in that Area! I'm just Looking at This from the Legal Stand Point, I know around Here the Attorney's and Judges look at Chiropractors as not Too Credible, and Their Diagnosis and Treatment Holds Very Little Weight as Testimony! I don't know the Medical Ramifications You May Encounter, I just wanted to Bring My Point up to You!! I Hope if You Decide to get This Done it Helps, I know Strong Headaches are He**!Wink
Still and gang thanks for the info.... I've been stuck on this all last night and this morning, and decided to call my lawyer. Thank god I did, he says absolutely not unless my treating DR gives me a referral.. He said even though I was paying for it with private ins if there would be somthing else wrong from my accident at least I took the propper steps involved in keeping a solid case..... I explained what was going on with the brush off with the headaches and he told me to remake an appointment with treating dr and tell him my thoughts and that I'm sick of wating for treatment for my headaches and I want a refferal... Then if he gives it " great " if not, well then he says he will take care of it for me..............
The gang helps me out again, and I thank each and everyone of you's............
ahhhhhhh Bubba your welcome......about 4 years ago I was having these same headaches not my"normal"migrains at that time a real helpful dude called Bad Boy told me to ask for a cervical MRI I believe...My DR said its not your neck but I will do one to shut you up......found 2 bad ones ....had a cervical fusion and got relief for just a couple of months...did a disc o gram and found another one.wasnt worth the surgery to me...but it has helped many others..
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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