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Can you guess who this is going to be
Still= I know your Dad is going to enjoy the painting, Backache you are so talented.
Hope your Dad is feeling a little better today, prayers going up.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Thanks RN and BX4!!! We are still awaiting Results, but I Talk to Hm Daily and I'm only a 1/4Mile away if Mom Needs Me for anything! BX4 My Dad has so Many John Wayne Movies given Him by the Grand Kids over the Years, He could start a Wing in the John Wayne Museum!! Thanks for the Site though, I May find a Few Movies I would Like to Buy!!Smile
Still, I am still looking for the pic of John Wayne that your Dad really wanted. One of him , full body with a rifle. I just can't find one. If anyone else can, can you make me a copy and send it. I only need one 5x7 or so on paper. My printer is on it's last leg so I can't copy anything and Dave moved my art room upstairs and my computer is down so I can't go off of that. One of my next projects is going to be doing charcoals of some of the oldies. Steve McQueen, Framk Sinatra, Bogart, Charles Bronson, one of my all time favorites, and of course Marilyn Monroe for Dave. I am going to hang them in our bar or I may just paint them right on the walls. Poor Dave just shakes his head, but he always ends up liking what I paint.
Backache, what You have Done for Dad is Perfect!! He will be soo Happy when He Receives it!! He was a Carpenter, and a Foreman in the Mill in the Carpenter Shop, so He'll Make a Beautiful Frame for it!! His Last Job After the Mills went Down, and He took Up His Trade Again, was Custom Making Moldings with His Router for Million Dollar Homes!! He was such a Great Carpenter, You could give Him a Piece of Ground, and a Blue Print and He could do it All, from the Foundation Up, Including the Plumbing and Electrical, just as Dave can do!! It's so Heart Breaking to See such a Proud and Strong Man going Down-Hill!! When I was a Kid, My Dad's Back was so Tanned and Strong from doing Roofing, He would let the Neighborhood Kids hit Him in the Upper Back with a 2x4, and then We would Count how Long it took to go from Red Back to Tan!!!Rolleyes And Please Send the Painting C.O.D., I don't want You to Pay for Postage, You've Done Enough!!Smile
Still I did n't know that your dad was a roofer when he was younger... that is very hard work. Maybe Del and your talked about this but Del's father owned a large roofing company here in Oregon and all his boys except Del worked for him full time.. Del worked in the lumber mill and with him part time during the summer months. Del would come home very dark from taking his shirt off and working on a roof. You too do have a lot in common. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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