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For Capricorn and Family.......Somewhere in Time
Oh Wink..how beautiful they both are. Thank you. I have seen the movie "Somewhere in Time" numerous times and it's a beautiful story with beautiful music. I'm not sure what's going on but for some reason I have been doing alot of crying everyday for days now. Imiss my daughter horribly and don't know what set this off. I feel as if it's day 1 again.
cappy maybe it is the season I just yesterday relized I will never see my Daddy again it has been horriable
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I was expecting something funny to happen what I watched the first one. But no, and it made me really sad. I don't want sad. It is hard to do. And watching that makes me feel bad all over again. Very beautiful, and very sad.
Jayne..it might just be....the holidays have passed...her birthday is coming up the first of March...I have been missing my grandchildren alot too.....and hate the fact that they aren't babies anymore but 7 and 10. Oh well...it's a part of life and death and just something I wil have to cry out when I have to..... Feel better.....When my dad passed I had a dream 2 weeks later that he called me on the phone and I kept asking him if it was ok or would he get in trouble. LOL Befor ehe hung up he said "don't worry sweetheart, I'm fine" When I woke I couldn't remember if he had called or not and then realized he had passed. It was horrible.....Saying a prayer for you and sending good thoughts.....it's so difficult....
You gals are in the throughs of the winter Blaws and cabin fever.... You need some time to yourselves. Get together with a friend, Sister etc, get out of the house for a girls nite out. Go to a Spa, Motel, shopping, casino out for dinner with just the girls...... No one understands another woman more than another woman. Have some laughs, and some fun........ Like an old fashioned slumber (PJ) party....And things will look different and you will feel better. If that can't work get the guys and kids out of the house, invite the relatives and friends in for a girls get together, You will be surprised how well it works, Have a pot luck .

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