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Back in cast

Grundig...1st let me say I am so sorry about bothering you about my computer. I didn't know what had happened when I first asked for your help.That being said I have to tell you that since my shoulder surgery, I am 13 weeks post-op, I am having more problems with the muscles in the arm healing than anything else. I am an old woman who was doing the job of a 25 year old man with no problem. Could lift with the biggest strongest men in the co. Very strong and in shape. Waited one year for the surgery and in that time my bicep, pec and tricep died. The coming back to life of them is extremely painful. Was told for 3 months not to lift from the elbow up. I have just started weights in the past week and believe me my arm is weak and painful. SInce you had muscle repair I can only imagine the pain you're in. I wish you a speedy recovery in this as I know the pain you feel. I have nerves coming back to life that take my breathe away. God bless.


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