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winter storm warning!
It's snowing here, the ground is covered.

All the kids are praying for a snow day.

Okay with me, I do not like to get out in this weather.
I love to look at snow, the trees are beautiful but between the injury and the reynauld's I literally dread going out in it. I think we all feel the same. It's been snowing here non-stop since about 4:30 predictions are that it could continue snowing through tomorrow afternoon.
Pray for spring, soon,
I'm with ya BB, spring can happen any time soon... It's 9 below and by morning 15 below... I head to work about 3:30 AM and by thie time we load our trucks (out side) I feel like a frozen ice cube......

And I agree with how it affects a injured person, with all the screws and hardware I have, I just cant get home fast enough to either soak in a hot tub or crawl under the blankets with the electric blanket cranked on high......lol.
i even think the ice is very beutiful but i know its so dangerous and can cause alot of damage..still lucky here in tulsa trees and lines are icing up pretty good but still have power
Got the first phone call at 5:00, the 2nd one at 6:00 this morning.

All the area schools are closed due to heavy snow falls.

My daughter is stranded at a friend's house in town, told her to stay there until the roads are safe to travel.
no snow or ice here yet......supposed to get icy around one pm.....the kids are on their way back from Mecico starting this morning..I hope things calm down before they hit Oklahoma
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

WATC did not cancel classes this morning, my son was marked absent. We actually live the farthest of any student taking the class driving 28 miles each direction. It's not worth it, too far, too dangerous, not worth car or life. Stupid, true the city didn't get much snow at 4" but we have 10" out here.
BB I am with you, What is one missed day of school whe you have to put your childs life in danager and yours while taking him.I more than onr timr kept my children home as the high school was 25 miles one way on some very curvey roads.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
they closed school here and all it did was rain till about 3 then it started snowing...I think we might have gotten 4 inches...but its so wet it wont be here by noon tomorrow
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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