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My deer
As you all know Dave had shoulder surgery and my back won't let me take corn up on the hill for the deer. We started to put the food at our big turn around down where we can't see what is going on. We put a couple of dozen ears of corn out every evening and in the morning they were gone. Just before dark tonight I was looking up the hill .....and here they came. One deer right after the other started appearing out of the woods, some of them were actually running. I think they heard my car pull up down there and this was their signal that I was putting corn out. I will try and get pics for you. Take care Backache.
Yes, Pictures, pictures, pictures, PLEASE Right now LOL.....
Absolutely! please post pics.....what a sight.Smile
Backache... our deer do not have the really cold weather as of yet, but I know what you mean about them coming after food. We feed them apples and we drive up, and they are just about running along side our car as we drive up the hill. It is a small hill compared to what you are talking about... when I walk out on the porch they are there wanting something to eat...they have a lot to eat here on the place... plus t here are 3 small water falls that develops into a pond at t he bottom on our place so they have a lot too eat. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
So far we have had a very easy winter on the deer. They can dig through the snow to get the acorns, which this year we not only had red acorns but white which only produce every other year. The only time the deer around here have trouble is if the snow gets too deep or there is ice. That is why I only put out enough corn for them so they each get about two ears. Of course the old doe's whack the little ones with their front hooves, which isn't very nice of them. I just love to watch them.
I love the deer that come to my house. Except when they polished off my tomatoes last year. We can be fined if we are found feeding deer here. Not allowed. Having said that, everyone does. Nothing like waking at night with a full moon and find a small heard of deer sleeping in the garden in the snow. Beautiful.
We are not allowed to feed the elk. I have my sign up, but they can't read very well . The squirrel, blue jays and chipmonks are having a feast.
Backache give the elk feed for me I cant read your sign from here either
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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