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requesting medical records
Hi all...Tuffy the laws that allowed hospitals to within hold medical records to protect the rights of the hospital changed with HIPPA. They can no longer to this. The information in the medical record belongs to the individual that it is on. Here is an easy site about the changes... it is from the department of health

This really tells how all care facilities must treat the medical record and who has the say so about the record. I hope this helps...Carol
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My wc case seems to be getting more involved and I want to keep complete medical records for myself.

Thank you everyone for your responses.

BK.....I go to a practice with an ortho who specializes in different body parts. Since I had so many injuries I thought this best. One partner I see is a spine specialist who has more or less been in charge of my treatment since day one. I have obviously seen his partner who specializzes in knees and shoulders and his foot specialist for my ankle. Last Oct. I wanted to see all records. Signed a paper , was notified by the co. who does the copying that I had to send $28 which I did and within a wek rec'd a copy of my entire file from this practice. Attorney told me whenever I want something to let him know adn his secretary would send it to me. WRONG! she ignores my requests. I don't feel like getting into it with the attoreny so next visit to the Dr. I will request and update from last Oct. No one should ever be denied their own records but I find that most have protocol for getting them. Ususallly it's a copying fee. I have never been charged for MRI or reports from any hospital.

This is the easiest way I have found to get my Records. If you have an Attorney, all copies of any Correspondence is sent to them, it's the Law. The only items not sent are MRI and X-Ray Films. My Attorney sends me a copy of every Piece of Paper that has to do with my case. I asked him for this and he asked me why, was I not Satisfied with Him and am I looking for another Attorney? I told Him no, This is my Life and Future I am placing in his Hands, and I want to be able to look over everything so that I can make him aware if something was reported wrong, so he could note it. He's not with me at my Dr. appointments, and if somethings worded wrong, He should know about it. My case was and continues to be sent to me by my Attorney automatically, and it now weighs 20lbs.!! My Wife has to carry it into the Hearings because I can't lift over 5!! And I've been able to give my Attorney forms before the Hearing that his assistant forgot to put in his file, and it's been a Life-Saver at the Hearings!! Please try this, it worked for me, and it may for you!!Smile
Limbo...you're right. I think before paying for them again I will call his paralegal and tell her he said to send me anything I want. I keep everything in a file because at some point I will be retiring on disability through my pension and will also apply for SSD. It will make my life easier IF i have everything I need. Again, you are the best.

I go to the Joint & Spine Institute, (my PT is at a different location)
I see the doctor for spinal disorders and will see another for joint replacement when approved for my knee.

I pay $10.00 for medical information.

Yesterday I received my medical records. The records mention that my gait is normal, (according to pt I have an altered gait & I walk with a cane) there is also another mistake about a test being preformed by the doctor in his office which has not happened.

What is the best way to correct these mistakes and who do I talk to about this?

I want my doctor to feel confortable in communicating with me and I feel that has only recently happened. I don't what approaching him about the mistakes in the records to hamper communication.
Bummer, I would suggest talking to your Dr about this as he is the only one that can change your chart. Many Drs do there charting after they have seen several pts, or at the end of the day, in some cases several days and they forget all the details.or they dictate and the person who does the chart gets it wrong. It has been my experiance in many instances to see wrong info on a pt chart, like surgeries a pt never had, meds they have never taken etc, so these things can happen more than you know. and should be brough to the attention of the Dr so it can be corrected. Hope this helps.
Bummer, I'm Treating with a PM Dr. now, and the Office Staff and typists have made mistakes on my file many times. I just approached them courteously, explained the mistake, and had no problem having it changed. Then I always ask for a copy of the corrected form to send to my Attorney, and they always place it in an envelope Addresses to my Attorney, and they even put a Stamp on it!! They understand Mistakes are made all the time, and it shouldn't be a problem to have it changed! Good Luck!!Wink
Should I approach the doctor or his nurse about the mistakes?

Also should I do this by phone or wait until my next appointment on the 13th?
Which ever you feel is Best. If you don't have any Hearings, or you don't receive anything derogatory from Comp. You could probably wait until the 13th. If you want to get it off of your Mind, you can Call. I would talk to the Nurse first, and if they find it and tell you they are going to make the change, MAKE SURE you get a corrected copy for your File! I Hope this Helps, and have a Great Sunday!!!Smile

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