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requesting medical records
Yesterday PT refused to share with me a letter they are sending to my ortho surgeon.

I went to medical records and requested all rehab records for June & July.

My question is:

If the patient request all of their medical records and marks self on the request form, will they receive the same information that is sent to
a doctors office?
BK...the answer is yes. The reason they denied you was not that they want to hold anything back, but the medical records do not belong to them. By law they are not allowed to give out records and therefor they do not have a system in place that follows the laws. The medical records are all returned to your Physician who then has a person who is educated in Medical Record keeping and who oversees all the government controled regulations. You will get all the medical records as written, just through the legal process. These laws are in place to protect you from someone being able to walk in and obtain your medical records. Hippa...is a very big thing in the medical community for the past 5 years and so everyone is scared to death to do anything other than follow the regulations. I hope this helps to put your mind at ease. Carol (red)
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
I always ask to see my chart when i go in. This way i can see if anything has been added w/o me knowing. most docs will show u, but to get copies, u need to fill out forms and pay processing fee.
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I must be one of the lucky ones except for a release form I signed to give all my medical records to my attorney, All I have done is call my clinic and ask them to send me copies and lab reports and they send them.

Now on the other hand when my attorney wanted my medical records from the hospital I worked for and was seen by there Dr, for my initial injury, he had to send them a supeona, and it took months for them to send the records, as they said that the records did not belong to me any longer as I was no longer an employee. Go figure
Actually Tuffy, if you check the laws out about the medical records you will find that the medical record reports do belong to the person who it is about, however, the clinic has a right to put in a process to obtain and a cost to cover their expendutures for copying etc. They were just hoping you would go away.. I have had many cases where I had to get involved with our consultant for the medical records and let our department head know that she had to follow the federal regulations on medical record ownership. You do not own the official record, but you own the information so you have a right to a copy of it. You were lucky because a clinic once you have signed the appropriate papers is a medical record keeper per say..and they fall under the regulations of keeping records and dispensing of them. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Red, There was no problem with my clinic as to my medical records, it was the hospital that said I had no right to my records. They even sent the supeona back to my attorney and he had to get a court order so the hospital would release my records to him, or copies to him which took months. I tried to get copies myself and they told me the same thing, That is when the attorney stepped in. You are probably right the hospital was probably hoping I would go away, and it was just a stall tactic.

I had that problem once when I went to apply for my passport and was trying to get copies of my birth records.

I politely reminded them it was because of their mistake that I needed to get copies of the records 26 yrs after I was born ........ maybe I should point out they lost a law suit against my parents when they finally sent the bill for my birth 5 1/2 yrs later trying to collect. With the new laws that were in place at that time - this was just at the beginning of the Hipaa laws - they didn't want to chance another one - so they finally found them and sent them to me for a $2 copying fee.

As for my copies of PT records - the only copies I have not been able to get was the ones where I had PT at the plant location. All other copies of PT records I have been able to obtain from the facility itself.
I received all of my past medical Records from my Attorney. Surgery Transcript and all. Bummer, wait a little while, and call your PCP, I believe they get a copy of all your records and you may be able to get them there. The only other records I've ever gotten from the Hospital was my MRI's and I had to pay a $10.00 copy fee.Wink
rofl boy everyone must be lucky ..
I havetried to look at my record when i visitthe clinic and cant look at it even .
Its not allowed
I fought toget copies of ime andeverything else ..
Finally after pooh explained to get a form filled out when i visited anew place
Was i able to get copys .
Theemployer even told me that I was intitled to see ime and w/c treating dr reports but was a stall tactic .

So Am I correct I should be able to read and look at my file at pcp clinic ? Or out of line to even ask ?
When I was working at the hospital, Patients were only allowed to lookat there charts(medical files ) after they had signed a release form and then had to have a staff member present while they looked at it. This was to protect the hospital and the patient as the charts are considered legal documents. The patient could request copies..

This was the law and I don't know how many patients would get upset when we told them they could just not look at there charts, that there were rules we had to follow.

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